Stratagy for helping Nubs

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Ok the biggest problem with good players dominating nubs was that nubs can only get better by playing with better people and learnig from them, but by player with someone way better they just get owned and learn nothing and have no fun. What happened in ns was very similar. Clanners played with Clanners and Nubs with nubs and they two became so segregated it was hard for nubs to learn and jump that gap. The only things that lowered that gap was pugs. Dedicated servers with clan stlye play but without clans. What you had was a top players leading and picking their teams out of a random group so that both teams were even. Half great players and half ok players, but the point being since the teams were selected by good players playground style the teams were even because they were less random. Lesser skilled players were able to learn to play with higher skilled players in a controlled competive and most importly balanced environment where team leaders were able to teach and help newer players. Now since the pugs in reality were only filled with great players most of the time, teams were balanced great players vs great players without the need to cordinate clans. But the idea that I'm trying to get, more dedicated servers wtih playground stlye drafting would be the best way to balance teams and teach those who are willing to learn to compete competivly without already having to have the leet skillz. Promoting this servers would be the key and having a dedicated members towards teaching lead these servers important too. A more controlled enviroment = greater learning. However more controll also means less casual and often more times less known which then translates only good players are only going out of their way to find them.

What I'm trying to get at here in this ramble is that I believe the best solution to help teach and stop nub pwning is have the developers set up a server joining option with a clear interface where players can have the option of joining a pug type game where team captains are selected and then teams are picked by captains. The more publicly aware players are of such servers are the more likly they will join one rather than a random game where a few good players can gang up on pubbers. The biggest key here is by having team captains you can force split up a clan or group of leet players. This would be seperate from normal servers in which they can still gang up, but it gives newer players and option of splitting them up. This benifits good players as well, cause hey pugs were fun. This is just the start of an idea so discuss, I must watch movie now.


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    Pickup games (PUGs) aren't the only thing that allow new and veteran players to play together in relative harmony. If a server is well adminned to establish a respectful and helpful atmosphere new players can learn at a more suitable pace than in a PUG.

    I think the main difference between new players and veteran (esp. competitive) players is that the latter want to play the game at a fast pace and without mistakes, which isn't suitable for how we learn to play games. New players need a space that isn't too pressurised where they can make mistakes, see the ramifications, understand them, and learn. I can't see a PUG, which is inherently more competitive than a pub server, giving them that space to learn. PUGs are more useful for intermediates looking to improve than for absolute beginners.
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