WhichBot Auto-Balance Issue

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I don't know what to do...

I have been running WhichBots for quite some time, but I run into a confusing problem. Maybe someone have already answered this question before, but I have not found a solution yet.

Basically, I'm trying to have it set so that if 0 humans are on the server, 3 bots are on. Then, when a player joins, a bot leaves and so forth until there is 0 bots. However, I can get them to do this except once a round ends, the bots will join back in the game! Even when there's like 10 people on the server.

So once they come back (with the 10 players in the Ready Room), 1 bot will join the Alien team while the rest sit in the Ready Room with the human players. Which if another round goes on (in the same map), the human players are FORCED to join Marines until there is enough to out-number the bots (as they'll keep joining Aliens). Then, once a player can finally join the Alien team, the bots begin to drop again.

Is this normal?

And if you're curious, here is my bot config info:

From whichbot.txt (Cut comments to save space)
        classic_team_balance='3 3 1 0'
        combat_team_balance='3 3 1 0'



From server.cfg
// Force WhichBot to properly balance/populate the server...
wb balance on

- Will


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    Depot would know who to put you in contact with. I'm not sure if RedFox still works on the source.
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    Hi x5,

    Hmm, roger. Thanks for the info... I guess I could PM him directly, but I'll resort to this option only if nobody else happens to see this post. Thanks again though mate :-).

    - Will
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    Afaik this is normal behavior for Whichbots.

    Whichbot Forums would be the place to post this... last I knew guests had the ability to post there. wink-fix.gif
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