1 hive and Onos?

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Why's my server acting odd?
I set up a vanilla server, thanks to Vadakill's Guide. I removed all CO maps from the mapcycle and only left NS maps. When playing on the server, the aliens can go Onos with only one hive...as far as I remember, you had to have 3 hives for such?

Any thoughts, suggestions, beer?


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    A "feature" from any version beyond 1.04, alien classes are now no longer linked to the hives, only chambers are...

    If you want to good ol' behavior back (1.04). You can always download and install Bry's 1.04 steam version from here. With the 1.04 active you can't join ns3.2 servers, but you can simply activate and deactive the 2 versions with a batch file (it's all in the readme)

    However running a 1.04 server also stops people who have the latest ns version from joining your server (they have to install and activate the 1.04 version from Bry)

    Quite annoying, but at least 1.04 can work on steam smile-fix.gif

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    No kidding?

    I thought servers out there still acted like NS 1.04...maybe there's a mod out there to control that.

    Thanks for the info!
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