FPS Droping

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On my game server Natural Selection 3.2 there was a problem.

Characteristics of a computer:
Intel Xeon 2.4 Ghz, 8Gb Ram
OC: Linux Debian Pack.
A kernel 2.6.18-5-686

Servers: 2 servers Natural Selection 22 persons with AMX mod, 1 server - 14 person, 1 server Half Life - 16 person, 2 servers Unreal Tournament 2004 on 8 person.

Loading of the processor at full all servers makes about 55 %.

The command line looks so:

screen -A -m -d -S csserver ./hlds_run -game ns +maxplayers 22 +map co_faceoff +sys_ticrate 1000 +fps_max 1000 +port 27030 -pingboost 2

A problem in losses FPS. At specified values 1000, FPS a server at 0 players shows from 56 FPS up to 963 FPS. Here such the figurative "jumps" of a delay (it is more than in 10 times). Also there is a problem with Reg - registration of hits. Sometimes skulk maintains hit in an emphasis with 3 dmg and then speaks, that its health 70/10. Cartridges somewhere vanish. Tell, please, what variants of the decision of this problem on Debian Linux are possible.

In advance thanks.
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