* WhichBots don't leave when expected.

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And they come back when un-needed...

I am having problems with my current WhichBot setup. The bots are joining just fine, and the players can play against them okay as well, but what happens is that I want to only have 3 bots on the server, and then when one player connects, I would like one bot to drop from the server.

I would imagine that the following options I have set in my “whichbot.txt” file should make this happen…

classic_team_balance='3 2 1 0'
combat_team_balance='3 2 1 0'

But, it doesn’t really work like I expect, as it seems like it takes like 5 or 6 players to join to get rid of the bots. Plus, when the bots finally do leave the server and the round ends (but the map doesn’t change), the bots will come back temporarily and hog up the Alien team until there are enough humans to fill the Marine side, which will finally then allow a user to join the Alien side (since the teams have to be balanced). Then once enough players join the Alien team, the bots will eventually leave. (* I know this may sound confusing, but this is hard to explain. *)

In general, the bots don't leave the server when expected and come back on when un-needed.

Does anybody know of what I may be doing wrong… Or is this the only way the bots function?




  • tekproxytekproxy Members, Constellation Join Date: 2005-03-11 Member: 44813Posts: 153 Fully active user
    Took me a while to figure it out, I was having the same trouble too.

    I just added this to server.cfg:
    wb balance on
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