Cintiq and Art

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Well I had been waiting almost 2 weeks for this damn thing to arrive, finally it arrived and WOAH its huge!

so heres some photos of the cintiq, and the very first picture I have done on it ^_^

the finished product


I know its not ns based, but I will be sure to make ns art with this soon biggrin-fix.gif Guarenteed ^_^
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    That cintiq is huge indeed as is it's pricetag nerd-fix.gif What size is it, around 22" or something?

    Also the horse looks like it was about to jump out of my monitor, great detail and depth in there. however it does have that look on its face like "what you looking at, buddy!?" tounge.gif Also can't wait to see what stuff you can come up with NS related.

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    We ######ing done, might take a bit to get used to but I must ask has it shaved anytime off doing things the old fashioned way ball mouse.
    if so how much and in what area's

    Bloody grats girl, and thank you fury for stream lineing art out put.

    Cant wait to see cloaked sulks ready to ambush. Or a gorge a mist a giant spike throwing chamber wall nailing a marine to the ground.

    I miss being able to stack chambers effectively these days.
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