NS Cinematic Movie ( in progress )

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K this project has been going on for a while now, and im looking for more voice actors. If anyone is willing please post a way for me to contact you.

More importantly, when in spectator mode if you press left strafe or right strafe you are automaticly switched to the next player. This sucks because it practically makes left/right strafe usless.

I was hoping that someone could come up with a script or patch of somekind that would allow the strafing to work, and NOT switch to the next player in line.( While in spectator mode )


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    Always been interested in voice acting, count me in. Also, welcome to the forums lerk.gif

    msn: svenne1988[at]hotmail.com
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    Sounds fun. I'm in.

    MSN: [email protected]
    gmail: [email protected]
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    spec_menu 3?
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    Gah put yar email adress on forums like Svenpa did or you're just asking for spammageextraordenair. Also I'm not good at voices, I don't have an accent but my voice just sucks tounge.gif

    Hmm maybe we need a bbcode to stop people posting their email like this...

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