Some problem I got

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Please take a look at it

Well, I'll explain my problem. I'm running a host (not dedicated) at my computer by creating the game and giving my ip to some friends, so we all can kill some bots and have a few laughts. The fact is that, after a certain time while I'm playing I'm brought to the NS main window (again with the options to create/join a server, options etc) and the server shuts down.

I get this message at the console right after that happens:
Host_Error: UserMsg: Not Present on Client 22

I'm using the lastest version of AMX mod and the extralevels3 plugin (can be found here:
*Edited: I'm also using whichbots and RCbots, but I've been using them for a long time and this had never happened before.

Do you have any idea of why this is happening? Has it something to do with AMX/extralevels3?
I hope you can help me on fixing this.
Thanks in advance for your time and attention.
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