Shotgun skins

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Can anyone give me a link to some Shotgun skin replacements, i've got the HMG, LMG, and the pistol all with custom skins and i'm trying to finish off my collection :3

And if it's possible, could you post pictures of it before i download it?


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    he means models and their textures, dude why would somone want to create a diffrent texture for that same shot gun model, its possable but most of the same steps would need to of been gone through. people just model new custom replacements instead, reskinning something is rather easy but mostly done for character models and the term skinning is much older than some would think and has partly dropped off the modelers list of terms, I belive it was the around the quake 1 era, and basicly used to be people stretching photos of their faces over the uv lay outs, as well as some clothing and so on.
    it wasnt until months latter did nail gun replacments start poping up, modeling programs back then were not very user friendly, most of them still reliyed on vector ploting, so every vertex had a number, and its exsact plot location on xyz, then it also have information on which other vertex's it was connected to. it was long hard and teedious.
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    Plus that shotgun doesn't really look much like a shotgun...
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