Anyone Remember?

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<div class="IPBDescription">Randomized Clan Tourny</div>We did this a few versions ago, I don't remember when exactly, but some may remember when a few people from the community basically put together a website where you could register to partake in a tournament and have team randomly put together.

It wasn't all that controlled, so you ended up with a couple clans smurfing so they could all end up on the same team, but this could easily be remedied by actually completely randomizing the teams under a few assigned Captains with clan experience.

Not sure what sort of turnout this would receive, but I know I would probably be up for a couple scrims a week and a match or something just for fun. Anyone else interested? No point in putting it together if we don't get a decent turnout with at least 6+ different teams.


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    ENSL has thoght of doing this before,

    they jsut never did it because it has always been better to host a nightcup instead.

    See: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

    ABLE.ns also hosted something similar not long ago,

    hope this helps.
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    we've done this before, you run into problems with regard to team size, people being away and a lack of inter-team collaboration. it was alright for the first 2 games but it ran off the rails quickly.
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