Xen Pack?

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What about making a xen pack for the Kharaa side?
Theres the headcrab for skulk, bullsquid for gorge, and stuckabat for lerk already.
And i just done a lackluster conversion of a xen fungus plant for alien rt.(though it looks a little silly, need to add some xen soil under it to cover the resource nozzle..).

Only thing missing is Onos, and Fade.

For Fade, Gonome would be most fitting..
And for Onos you could have the "diablo" that comes with HL SDK, its one those unused monsters. Azure Sheep, or was it Point of View used it as the "Panthereye".

Since the bigmomma's(or Gonarch, however you wanna call it) sack is a seperate model(and the legs), you could probably retexture the legs, seal the hole on top of the sack, and attach the legs to the sack so it can be attached to roofs like the hive is, and it could be used as a hive.
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