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Lo, reloaders former known as ex arteria.ns are recruiting. we play as a team since 5 years ( few members and me ) and with others since 3 weeks.

reloaders is no team which want to win all the time - we arent very active now, due to its summer vacation now in middle europe. Mostly we play fun, no pcws yet.

The only requirement is: You have to be very friendly and understand also brits humor. We all are aged over 18 and dont want any childish guys playing with us. Also we dont want any godlike players - you can be a noob i really dont care.

If you want to join our group of freakish players - just join our irc channel on quakenet - #mTec

We also got our own Server, Webby and Voice reload-now on #mTec Reloaders -

Join us if interested smile-fix.gif
Looking for Skilled Clan with Server
Contact me on icq 154933018
quakenet: @ #rheinhard

or on gamesnet on @ #findnsclan
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