TRI Clan recruiting

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Name: TRI

Email: [email protected]

IRC Chan: None as of yet.

Location: Global (Currently only have membership in PST).

Number of players looking for: We are just starting up. So right now, we are looking for a minimum of 3 people besides myself to get it off the ground.

Skill Required: None. We aren't looking to be all winning (though that would be nice). We are mainly interested in people who are willing to work as a team and improve their game so we CAN get competive. This may explain it a bit better.

The tenants of TRI.
T - Teamwork - We are all part of a team. Yes, we have ranks. However, that is only to quickly figure out who to listen to. Even on the alien team, you listen to your commander (or sub-commander if nesserary). Working together as a team will help us win matches. If we don't work together, we will fail. Yes. This means if you get ordered to stay at base and build things, that's what you do.

R - Respect - Everyone deserves respect. Even the other team. There will be NO trash talking. If for some reason, you find yourself in a match where a member of TRI is not comming on the marines side (for aliens, simply follow the orders of the highest ranked of our clan), you will listen to his orders and never demand anything from him. You will also never vote to eject a commander unless in your opinion, you feel he is being disruptive to the game (recycling when you have enough resources or having 200 res and not dropping anything). Being new to the command chair is not enough to eject.

I - Innovation - We want our clan members to be innovative. If you see a weakness in the other team, tell the commander and if it's a good idea, it will most likely be followed. Feel free to take a few clan members as ask the comm if you can direct that squad. He/She will most likely say yes since that's less they have to do.


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