Possible weapons

woodywoody SoCal Woody56 Join Date: 2004-02-14 Member: 26541Members
<div class="IPBDescription">3 Questions on possible weapons</div>1:Will there be any cloaking mode's simulating your enemy ?
2:Will there be any dual weapons like DualMP5's ? (pistols would be ok also)
3:Will there be deployable turret lockers like in HL2 ? (where the grunts have to set them up)


  • J!J! NS2 Artist Join Date: 2004-11-14 Member: 32788Members, Retired Developer, NS1 Playtester
    It's too early to answer any of these questions, but please in future do not ask them in the I&S forums. Use the NS2 General Discussion instead.
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