Evolve [ANSL-Open]

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Evolve is recruiting to participate in ANSL-Open
Name: Evolve
IRC Chan: #EvolveNS @ irc.GameSurge.net
Website: http://www.evolvens.com
League: ANSL-Open
Location: Central-Eastern
Skill Required: Any
Number of players: 1-3

We are looking for people to complete a team to play in ANSL-Open. We are not worried about skill since once you join, we are willing to train you.

Also, I would like to point out that we are a serious team, not aholes like you mostly see in competitive community. We are looking to make a change in the NS Competitive community by actually playing with maturity so we are only looking for mature members. Please keep that in mind when you apply.

Lastly, don't be discouraged because you have never played competitively, so long as you have the right attitude we are willing to help you become part of the organized community.

Please visit our site to apply.

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  • LeonLeon Members Join Date: 2006-10-31 Member: 58131Posts: 177
    "not aholes like you mostly see in competitive community"

    you see just as many playing on pubs or at a bookstore
    <DOOManiac> my main thing about clans is they never seem to actually have fun when playing
    <DOOManiac> even if they're winning they are so caught up in the seriousness of the situation they don't have fun. its like work. where's the fun in that?
  • betabeta Members, Constellation Join Date: 2007-04-20 Member: 60679Posts: 32
    Yeah, but its just a common misconception that most pubbers, or at least pubbers that read these forums see and I wanted to clear up.
  • tekproxytekproxy Members, Constellation Join Date: 2005-03-11 Member: 44813Posts: 153 Fully active user
    My opinion is biased, but Evolve is the most krunk and chill clan in existence.
  • asmodeeasmodee Members, Constellation Join Date: 2007-06-20 Member: 61317Posts: 179 Advanced user
    My unabridged oxford english dictionary lacks the word "krunk" and it's alternate spelling "crunk". However, the online dictionary http://dictionary.com, provides the following definition for "crunk": exciting and fun.

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