Can we please archive some of these topics

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We have some once-relevant topics that no longer pertain to Natural Selection, such as Team Resources, etc.. (because we are at 3.2 so far) and other things I saw in the "webbed" forum posts. There is a way
to create an archived locked forum where we can browse past stuff.

I would like to see a guide on the "modern" use of a fade, as I see guys using blink+swipe in the +movement... BUt I always had a hard time getting swipe to work perfectly in time with hitting the marine. Also I would like to see exact details on how Focus works... It says it ups the power on one ability.. which one? Swipe?
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    yes, swipe, isn't that hard to figure out since you attack slower with focus, and you aren't slower with acid, and meta and blink isn't any attacks.
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    focus only works for primary attacks


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    You know I get more leap kills with focus for some reason. I don't know why but it doesn't seem to be a fluke thing. Now I usually have adrenaline too, but why more leap kills after focus?
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