Any NS Server up-to-date setup guides?

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HELP! I need some help to setup a server. I can't find any up-to-date guides. Anyone know where I can get a guide or can anyone help me? Any suggestions?


  • Silver KnightSilver Knight Join Date: 2009-07-16 Member: 68161Members
    Id like to know about this too, epic revive, but im looking for a guide to setup a NS server for HGN.
  • DepotDepot The ModFather Join Date: 2002-11-09 Member: 7956Members
    <a href="" target="_blank">: Vadakill's Guide:</a>
  • TinCanTinCan Join Date: 2006-12-11 Member: 59010Members
    After the October 08 steam update there was a bug introduced that has not been fixed as far as I know.
    If it has not been fixed then there is a step missing from Vadakill's Guide. Simply put, you need to create a file called steam_appid.txt and put 70 inside it. I am pretty sure the file goes wherever your HLDS.EXE file is located.

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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