Hit boxes?!

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I wanted to know if there's a place where we could see exactly how are the alien hit boxes, because onos's hit box seems larger than the graphic and lerk's hit box is...is...man I really don't know where it is.

I don't really see the difference in aiming quality if I kill a lerk or not, I often don't feel like I'm aiming good and lerk dies and the other way around too...


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    The regular hl modelviewer is better to handle than jed's

    I suggest you download that instead..
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    Well, that was interesting...but did that fix anything, not really. Ok, here's the deal.

    I know the dmg table for both sides very well, depending on how many hives or upgrades marines may have. When I see my enemy, I usually know exactly how many hits it will take to kill him. But, that doesn't make sense.

    Let's say a game start where it takes 9 bullets lmg or 5 pistols bullets to kill a skulk, or 2 bites + 1 para to kill a marine. That often works...on bots, of course it works on players but rarely. With pistol, its not too bad...altough sometimes I aim perfectly and don't kill, or I aim pretty off and kill. I see the blood, and I see at least 9-10 from lmg or 6 blood splat from pistol...but, why isn't my enemy dead?

    Or I bite marines, or swipe...all i see in my screen is a marine, but at least 33% of the time, my attack simply doesn't do any dmg. Other times, i'm not bitting in a marine at all, in fact he's 180 degrees behind me, but hey...i killed him.

    Both situations, piss me off...when I act good, I deserve to win, when I don't I deserve to die.

    I've been playing fps's for years and years and I've always been good, in any I try, off or online. Sometimes, I aim so good that I impress myself, I don't even understand how I get to achieve that kind of aiming...but I must say, most of the times, in that situation in ns, I don't kill...I do much better when I feel like i'm aiming bad, because the crossair isn't directly on the target.

    Every time I click on +attack, I pray to be lucky...I often feel like when you achieve a certain point in skill, luck is a factor a lot more important, than more skill. I don't deserve all those I kills that I didn't even aim good, but hey...that must happen to others than me...I guess.

    My rates are pretty good I guess, no choke no loss...when I play against bots, the regestering of bullets is magnificent...at least 95% of my good aiming hits. Dead on hits with shotgun 4 feet away, still misses sometimes, but not like against players.

    I know this game a lot, and I try to act always the most optimal way, thinking a couple of moves ahead strategically ...but I always end up screwed because at some point, 4 shotgun bullets didn't kill the skulk...by the time the 5th finally kills, well my preparation of killing skulk I heard coming behind me is pretty screwed.

    So in all of that, how do I become better, how can I get to another level of skill, if I don't see the difference in when I do a good or bad action. How many feel like me? Is it the half life engine that sucks? Can some exploit rates? Will world peace fix the problem?! tounge.gif
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    cl_cmdrate (Your stable FPS + 5 if your connection can handle it)
    cl_updaterate 60
    cl_cmdbackup 2 or 1, if your connection can handle it
    cl_resend 6 to 8, if you're playing with high loss
    ex_interp (As low as possible without things becoming too jerky)
    ex_extrapmax 2

    I should mention that hitreg is most often a server issue. Some servers reg just fine, while others are terrible.
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    Generaly the more amx plugins a server runs the less accurate the reg becomes.
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    Thx ill check on that ! ^^
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