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Title: Gamers Union
Ingame Tag: =GU=
Skills Required: Dedication, teamwork and respect for your fellow players.
VOIP: 25 Slot Teamspeak Server
Game Server IPs*:


* II = Insect Infestation (HL2 Mod), DY = Dystopia V1 (HL2 Mod), NS = Natural Selection (HL1 Mod), SC = Sven Coop (HL1 Mod)

Gamers Union was founded in January 2005 by me. Anyone can join the clan. For information about joining, go here

Currently the forums have are over 34 forums, including all the major console platforms. The forum also has a store where you can purchase account enhancements (points earned by posting) like custom titles, bold username, etc. Members can choose from 8 different forum styles (as can be seen in this screenshot). There is also a game review sections, user submitted links and downloads.

Over the past 2 years, we have had servers up and down but with the recent purchase of a server computer the servers are here for good.
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