A Plea To The Marine In All Of Us



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    God forbid good players using a legitimate game tactic to efficiently bring victory to their team.

    Going straight to the overall goal of the game is obviously not a legitimate game tactic.

    I usually don't listen to the comm. That's because I'm more useful gaining positioning, foaling ambushes, and trapping higher lifeforms than I am sitting in a hive building turrets because the comm thinks that they'll win the game that way. I go where I feel I'm needed, if it happens to coincide with an area that the comm wants to take, great, if not, I'm pretty sure I have a better idea of what should be getting done than pub comms. Even when the commander is a competitive commander, I still probably wouldn't listen to them.
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    Most commanders are awful. They don't multi-task, they don't drop weapons to players who need them (Please, please, do not drop the 2-8 marine a shotgun, drop the 8-2 player a shotgun, be selective with your res), and they can't effectively push a second hive on time. Good commanders immediately gain the respect of marines under them in a very short period of time, I don't ask people to go to x, I <b>tell</b> them to go to x, and they usually do it. If you have a weenie voice or sound like a pushover, people aren't going to listen to you. A lot of people won't listen to screaming lunatics either, it takes an even hand to win over most pub games. If you show initiative and that you know what you're doing, a lot of people will listen.

    Work with players that you have, not the players you want. A lot of good players are going to play the game themselves, they don't need you telling them what to do. Just do as they ask (within reason) and they are pretty capable of winning the game themselves. A shotgun or HMG for the 19-1 player on your team is a good investment, its very likely that player can solo half the alien team without much help. Send a bad player with them that has a welder, tell them to just weld that good player and shoot if the good player is reloading. Use the players you have to your advantage and the game becomes a lot more entertaining as a commander.
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    kinda agree that its a place where you must command (hence commander) not ask, but sometimes asking helps.

    But like I said, play on servers you play on regularly and they will know you. Most follow my orders with ease, whereether is cause they know I can comm, know what I am doing, or simply will ignore a rine with weapons and meds if they fail to obey orders twice.
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    Yeah I agree Adj. I'm not biased when it comes to commanders. If you're good, I'll listen. If you're not, I won't. Regardless of who you are.

    I remember this one guy from G4B2S named Priestly. I never knew the guy before, but he commed a couple games, and knew what he was doing. I fallowed his orders because he gave good orders, even though I never saw the guy play before.
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    I comm and I don't actually give any orders except every now and then like "smelter growing PG at waypoint now thank you." or slap a waypoint on some nodes that should of been capped that haven't. You can't seriously command public because not everyone plays on the same wavelength, even clanners aren't clever enough to always listen to me, and I'm not clever enough to see how every scenario plays out when my team is filled with randoms. The way to command public is throw the dice and hope your marines turn up where you want, if they don't poke them there, for the most part they can figure it out with only a tiny bit of direction that I would give in a competitive match.

    As for listening to comms, I judge by his ability whetever or not he's worthy of listening. Base layout, speed of response, whetever he meds through engagements or simply responds to calls after, hell, even how quickly he lays down the IP armoury is a big indicator of ability; Always nice to know your comm knows the hotkeys and isn't going to be dropping things at a rate of 1 a minute. That all being said, given my experience as a commander it's unlikely that unless it's b1, buggeh, peach, adj or another top tier comm in the CC they simply won't know more than me and if they tell me something that I don't think will work I'll avoid it. Yeh maybe my presence might help it succeed somehow, but I'd sooner make what I know to be right happen than risk a lost cause.
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    I keep saying, play on servers you know and where ppl know you. I saw alot of ppl from the forum on some servers I play, and I am known by some clanners who also tend pubs. I have no trouble with a game when those ppl are online. They know me, I know them and we can all have fun.
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    The average commander is about as talented as the russian leadership after stalins purges, thank you but id rather desert than run towards an obvious death that wont accomplish anything.

    Quantity has a quality of it's own

    Edit: Now when it comes to playing on public I pretty much do what whoever said it does, I check the minimap and figure out what needs to be done. If an order is given I check if I need to help out, if I'm able to at the moment, and then decide whether to go there or to act as a three man pressure team somewhere else myself. If the commander really stinks and I'm the only reasonable player on the team I usually just try to position myself between that hive they're sillily trying to lock down and leech RfK and prevent my team from getting killed.
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    currently skill on pubs is so low.

    yesterday I had a few matches on a pub server and actually felt sad as to how low skill was.
    if 1 min ingame every rine under your command gets oned by skulks while rines travel in medpacked groups, theres not anything you can do about it.

    those matches were horrid and kinda uberstacked so it seemed.
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    I like to think that the other 10 marines will go to that wp and get it done, while I go off and do something else. You always gotta be doing 2 things at once on marines if you want to win.

    Yes what about the comms that actually give specific players or groups of players WPs? In that case there isn't 10 other rines that could do the job.

    Don't get me wrong, I like it when very good players take initiative or give me advice. I almost always listen. The problem comes when I want them to listen to me. I've had "pro" players refuse to listen to orders even they think are good. Just a few nights ago for example:

    A good player managed to get to a perfect seige spot to take out the alien's 2nd hive (on his own initiative). He builds the PG. I drop a TF and order the rest of the team to get there and build while he guards...then I guess he got bored and left once just ONE other marine got there. Before the rest of the team could get through the PG the one average skill player was killed by a skulk. Now the rest of the team proceeds to get meat grindered as they phase in one by one and I had to recycle. If that "pro" had just stayed where he WAS needed instead of going where he THOUGHT he was needed we woulda had the hive.
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    and thats why I say... listen always.. I know one rine needs to do other stuff, I will ask that specific rine.
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