[rel] Shaz Marine Upgrades 3.2 compatible

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Download; shazrineupgradesv32.zip

Shazbot made a bunch of great sprites for NS, I use almost all his work for stuff. One of my favorites was his SpritePack Volume 1, which contained very nice small round upgrade sprites for Marines, at a glance you can tell based on color what level armor or weapons you have. Anyways, since 3.2 was released they added 3 new icons to the Marine upgrade sprite; Welder, Hand Grenade and Mines. I checked the forum, Shaz hasn't been active sinec 2005. I shot him off a PM but I don't think we'll hear back from him. I took the liberty of applying my real n00b skills and updated his Marine Upgrade sprites to include sprites for the new ones. These are now compatible with NS 3.2

I just hope they meet the approval of those that use or used Shaz's stuff in the past, I followed work as best. All credit goes to him, I merely added to an existing work.
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    and what about alien melee weapon HUD sprites?

    Suddenly all my icons displaying what attack I have chosen are gone. The old version of aliens HUD sprites are NOT compatible. Can we get just the weapon sprites without the whole pack?


    Thank you for porting the marine stuff over! smile-fix.gif
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    Did they add/change stuff on the alien side of things for sprites? I may have over looked that in the changelog for 3.2

    By weapon sprites, you mean the marine sprites? If you don't want the new sprites I added, his old stuff is still here on the forums and mirrored on several sites (NSA, Bry's, etc). If you mean can you only have the new sprites they added in 3.2 without these, not sure. They updated the official sprites NS already has, with new sprites for stuff, so that's always there. As for custom sprites, yea you could easily edit in what you want and don't want I'm just not sure how really, I simply compared the position of new sprites in upgrades.spr of 3.2 and added them to shaz's upgrades.spr once I had modified them. So I'm not real sure how to deleted the others and just add those, I don't know if they need to be in a specific spot of the basic .bmp file or not.

    Still learning the ropes but I'll get there wink-fix.gif
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