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    Maybe try running the game with the -autoconfig parameter.
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    Another issue

    Parse server: Bad Server message: Client ###

    What causes this, ive seen entire servers get emptied because of this error.

    Can anyone help?

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    Can't use my mic as commander alien or marine side. Everything is fine during game and ready room but, when i go commander my "keybind" is not working anymore. I tryed to rebind it with something else but not working as commander too. This happen when i installed Win 8.1. On win 7 everything was fine.

    any tip what i can do ?
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    Mind not going around necroing old threads? It's not even the right game, this is the ns1 forum buddy. shoo shoo. Calling Home base for evac of thread. @ironhorse @mouse @kouji_san
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    Indeed what @AuroN2 said and this is the place you want to be to post about NS2 issues @TerrorRO :)

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    I have installed Half Life via steam DL, and also run the hazard course, installed NS, but its not appearing in my game list.
    is there a way to manually add it? I have installed mulitply times and open and close steam, still no NS.
    I used to play it years ago and want to try it again for some fun memories

    OK it appeared after PC reboot :) but Australian server is empty :'(

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