any way to make this work in 3.2 with mp_bs?

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I know it didn't work in 3.1.3 with bs turned on servers, but people have said you can word the command different to work in 3.2? so far it works, but probably because mp_bs is set to off by default for new servers going up in 3.2

<!--c1--><div class='codetop'>CODE</div><div class='codemain'><!--ec1-->alias weldon "+attack; alias weldhold weldoff"
alias weldoff "-attack; alias weldhold weldon"
alias weldhold weldon
bind "e" "weldhold"<!--c2--></div><!--ec2-->

Basically, I hit "e" when I have my welder out and it does +attack to weld. I'm a builder, in both co_ (on servers that have it) and ns_ when I play it. Ever weld a really low CC or Hive for long periods? It's murder on the fingers, especially if +attack is typically set to your left mouse button, the old index finger gets tired. Sure this also lets any weapon just continuously fire when it's toggled on but in most cases I've found this to just be a waste of ammo and I could do the same thing just hold M1 for firing a gun, this is for just long weld periods.

Anyway to make this work for servers with mp_bs? Or at least make it work for welder only so it aint exploitable? This would go a long way to save my fingers from some finger version of carpal tunnel ;p


  • the_x5the_x5 the Xzianthian Join Date: 2004-03-02 Member: 27041Members, Constellation
    Um, I've used aliases to bind multi-functions in 3.1.3, perhaps because it's a toggle script that it didn't work? I dunno.

    Here's a excerpt from my userconfig.cfg file
    <!--c1--><div class='codetop'>CODE</div><div class='codemain'><!--ec1-->bind "INS" "say_team Attack!"
    bind "DEL" "say_team Defend! Hold this position."
    alias +enemyhear "impulse 13"
    alias -enemyhear "say_team I can hear an enemy"
    bind "PGDN" "+enemyhear"
    alias +enemysee "impulse 13"
    alias -enemysee "say_team I can see an enemy"
    bind "PGUP" "+enemysee"
    bind "HOME" "say_team Defend this position / Recon mode"
    alias +enemykilled "impulse 15"
    alias -enemykilled "say_team enemy eliminated!"
    bind "END" "+enemykilled"<!--c2--></div><!--ec2-->

    The above certainly worked on 3.1 severs with the annoying and useless blockscripts on. (because lamers can easily get around it and it causes problems for the generally good crowd from using something useful and finger saving... but I won't go into why I dislike blockscripts and feel admin presence is the better solution; another topic, another time)

    PS: I'm changing my server and client over to 3.2 right now. So I hope these will still work. ><
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    Well that's the thing, from what people have told me in the past and looking at yours there, yours is fine cause it doesn't contain things that generally get tossed by block script. I know +attack inside of an alias won't work for block script, but thats why I was curious if some other code could take it's place or at least something that could be set aside for just the welder/heal spray. I was serious when I said my fingers get tired, I like to play a support role in both ns_ and co_ maps, I've got like two keys bound to +attack, mouse1 and "x". When my index finger gets tired of holding down mouse1 to weld or heal something, I'll use my other hand and hold down "x". A simple toggle would save me a lot of achy fingers ;p
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    The reason it doesn't work is because mp_bs blocks commands with a ";" in them. That prevents people from doing multiple functions in one command.
  • a_civiliana_civilian Likes seeing numbers Join Date: 2003-01-08 Member: 12041Members, NS1 Playtester, Playtest Lead
    Blockscripts blocks <i>binds</i> with semicolons in them. It does not block <i>aliases</i> with semicolons.

    However, it blocks <i>aliases</i> containing any of the following commands: +attack, +jump, +duck, +speed, +forward, +back, +moveleft, +moveright, +left, +right, +moveup, +movedown, +lookup, +lookdown, +strafe, +klook.

    (It also gives warnings for aliases with +break, +graph, +camout, +camin, +camyawleft, +camyawright, +campitchup, +campitchdown, +alt1, +score. I don't know how many of them it actually blocks as I'm not sure what all of them do, if anything.)
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    That, kinda sucks <img src="style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/sad-fix.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":(" border="0" alt="sad-fix.gif" />

    I know the easy way to test a server running mp_bs is to just try to see if scripting is on or off, but what happens when almost all servers have mp_bs turned on? from what i've seen almost all servers have it on at this point, and since i play support roles constantly holding down a key to duck/weld or healspray a hive is murder on the fingers for long periods of time.
  • the_x5the_x5 the Xzianthian Join Date: 2004-03-02 Member: 27041Members, Constellation
    I know. I never liked the idea of blockscripts trying to be a substitute for lack of admin presence on a server. Like all software blocks without and active hook, it can easily be circumvented. Or worse, an active hook can be used by a client to enable a cheat. Plus it causes headaches like this for things not meant to be a problem.

    My point is that there needs to be more convincing going on to have admins not have this on. I can promise you that I have it turned off on any server I run (though keep in mind if you start pistol scripting badly it'll ask you to rebind it, then if not I can unbind them all for you or just kick) Admin presence is a better answer to miscreatants than any automatic feature. It is useful but will not solve the root of the problem and just creates new problems -- like a drug which only treats the symptoms and has side effects.

    That's just my two cents. <img src="style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/tounge.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":p" border="0" alt="tounge.gif" />
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