Gamers Union, Now Recruiting

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Have HL1/HL2 Servers.
Name : Gamers Union =GU=

Email : Contact Form

IRC channel : #gamersunion

Current league/s : None yet, just play for fun at the moment

Location/Conference : Eastern

Number of players looking for : 1337 (not really, there's no limit)

Skill required : Any skill level, but you must be a team player.


Gamers Union is a community for gamers, our motto is "Any Game, Any Platform, Any Time." Participate in over 34 forums and browse over 2000 posts. There is also a forum store where you can buy account enhancements like bold username, custom titles, glowing username. You can earn points by posting in the forums and points can be stored in the bank to earn interest.

For information about joining, go here

We currently have 5 servers.

Here's the Server Info:

Mod: Natural Selection
=GU= The Bloodbath [FastDLS][Pets][++Gore][Xtralvls]:
30 Public Slots + 2 Reserved Slots

Mod: Sven Coop
The PlayGround -
10 Public Slots + 1 Reserved Slot

Mod: Insects Infestation
The Swarm [1.0.6]:
17 Public Slots + 1 Reserved Slot

Mod: SourceForts
=GU= The Construction Set :
20 Public Slots + 1 Reserved Slot

Mod: Pirates, Vikings, Knights II
=GU= Epic Battle [Custom Maps/Fast DLS] :
17 Public Slots + 1 Reserved Slot

** Most of the servers need more admins too. **
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