NSLearn, gone for good?

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I've been doing some sherlock homes style googling.

From what I can tell none of them appear to be around anymore. Their IRC channel has one maybe two guys idling with some topic about CAL being gone/dead (league I assumed). I found their site was gone, .org, and was hosted at nsarmslab.com for a while. That's gone too now. Then I saw someone link a new hosted site of theirs at nslearn.readyroom.org Very nice site, love the design. But besides the point, it taught some nice info.

IIRC they used to give out lessons on a personal basis. Any of those guys still around? Or are they all gone and us noobs are forced to just kinda, pub it up to build skill?
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    Firewater doesn't want others using the name anymore because he's afraid it'll soil their legacy or something. I think Seraph is trying to start up something similar (Or was), and there should be a couple farm teams recruiting new players to train.
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    Firewater summarized the circumstances well.

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    But at this stage of the game, I think NS has dwindled down to those who just want to play the game. Unfortunately, nobody cares anymore. With the competitive scene on life support, the desire to become better at this game is in the ICU with it. Without a thriving competitive scene, and without recognition of developed abilities, there is really no point to get better at this game anymore.
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    might as well be TBH.
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    I;m willing to teach some if you pm me we can work some times

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