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As originally penned by Greedo386:

In response to an overwhelming increase in the number of posts regarding signature images, this thread has been created to hopefully lessen the clutter.

Do you have a new sig image that you'd like to show off to everyone else and see if they like it? Post here.

Do you want to request a sig image from someone? Post here.

Do you want to show your skill at photoshop by making someone else a sig? Post here.

Remember the rules, though: Sig images must be no more than 400 pixels wide x 75 pixels high, and they must also be no more than 40KB in size.
Avatars must be no more than 90 pixels x 90 pixels, and they must also be no more than 22KB in size. Hopefully they will not run anywhere near this limit.

Also, please try and find free hosting at places like or or even your ISP provided webspace, rather than uploading the images here, if possible.


A reminder to all parties, please keep the following guidelines in mind when making/using images in your signatures:

1. Size. All signature images must be at most 75 pixels high, at most 400 pixels wide, and less than 40 KB. Avatars must be at most 90 pixels x 90 pixels, and less than 22KB in filesize. No exceptions.

2. Content. Use common sense here. I haven't seen any violations yet, so congratulations.

3. Hosting. Please try and use one of the many free hosting sites available to you. This includes places like hostmysig, clanpages, boomspeed, sigrealm, and many others. If you don't know the addresses to any of these, or you want to find your own, use google and find it yourself. Do not permanently host your sigs using the attachment function, as it will slow down the boards for all users.

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