Esl Starting Combat-ladders

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reworked classic-ladders and Cups too
Hi there

I just want you to know that the ESL ( ) is finally coming up with even more, bigger things concerning NS. Even if they're named as an european league there is no problem in participating from all over the World.
Read the Text they wrote:
Today signups for the first NS Combat 5on5 Ladders have been started.
Currently, we have both an International and a German ladder. A Match is
played on two maps and the sides which each team won are counted as the
result. To prevent nasty draws in a match, we have decided to introduce
a new system of score-calculation. In that case the rounds dont count
anymore, the total score of each team's score per round is counted. This
means the team who wins their rounds by more than the other team will win.
To sign up, a team must have 6 registered memebers with SteamIDs in
their playeraccounts, a home page which lists all members, and an IRC
Channel for contacting purposes. Playing in these Ladders will be
activated in 2 weeks from now or, if we recieve many signup's, it will
be launched earlier.

In these Ladders, all official maps may be played. An acutal server
config file can be found in the "Info & Details" Section. The ESL has 6
years of Online Gaming Experience behind it and we can assure you the
ultimate standards of professionalism in our ladders.

Also, soon we will open a poll to determine the starting date for the
ESL Auto-Challenger. This feature will - if activated - automatically
create one match per week, at your chosen time, against an opponent that
will most at the same standard as you. This is another thing which will
depend on how many teams register and how many of them want to activate
the Auto-Challenger. The more participants, the better this system will
work and frequent matches can be guaranteed then.

As soon as the ladders are started, we will also start our first
International Combat 5on5 Cup whos size will depend on the number of the
teams in the ladder. The more teams that register, the more challenging
these ladders and this cup will be. As prizes for the best teams, we
will offer some of our "Premium Accounts" for six month for the entire
Team. The ESL Premium Account makes playing in the ESL even more
comfortable and enjoyable.

The rules of the "old" Nase 6on6 Classic Ladders have been rewritten and
updated for the new features which were launced in the 3.0 beta series.

You can now repare yourself for our plans regarding 6on6 leagues that we
will publish in the next few days: The biggest tournament that Natural
Selection has ever seen!

We wish all Teams lots of fun in our ladders and hope that there will be
alot of a lot of activity and constructive feedback which will allow us
to make the ladders more enjoyable for you.


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    And did people actually ASK for a combat ladder ? I don't know any clan at all who might want to participate in a Combat ladder. Most clans either don't want to play combat in wars at all, or would just want to test it once.

    Anyway, I'm waiting for the next ESL cup, as the first one was nice; and this "premiership" seems to be nice too, I'm wondering if that's the "biggest tournament" you're talking about.
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    Combat 5on5 Ladder open for challenge

    Today we activated challenge in the ESL Combat 5on5 Ladders. Now are all teams - that signed up - able to challenge other teams in the ladder and play matches against them. Due to the new match valuation system in the ESL combat ladders a tie is not likely to happen and there will be a winner for most of the matches.
    This is possible as in case of a draw by rounds (2:2) the scores of each round are used for match valuation. The winner is then calculated by using the percentage of the total score each team got in each round. In the match sheet the Khaara are listed as "attacker" and the Frontiermen as "defender" but that is for guidance and has no effect on the match valuation.

    We hope to make playing in our ladders even more fun by using this system and wish you good luck and have fun.
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    While your try to avoid draws is nice in general, your system has a big flaw in it: you promote spawncamping!

    Example: Team1 won two rounds, Team2 won one round. Team2 is playing Aliens in the last round and manages to dominate the Marines early on (seen this a lot of times). So what do they do now? Kill the CC? No, they get a gorge to web the Marine spawn area and kill the spawning Marines until they have score that will get them victory. Then they can easily end the round.

    If you want to avoid draws (and btw, what's bad about draws??), just have a look at what team took the shorter time to win their rounds.

    Sonja / Solaris
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