Packet Loss

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atm i'm getting 1-6 pl on my servers on a xp3000 box running 1 16 player ns and 1 20 player dod.

any tweaks i can do to win 2003, or maybe FIX THIS tounge.gif



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    zippy the NS server has nothing to do with your packet loss. Your ISP's backbone is probably flaking out somewhere just a few jumps from the gateway. Most likely the problem will be fixed without you having to do anything.

    Try doing a few trace routes and see if you can figure out where it's dying, for your own learning experience.

    NS Win32/Linux Server setup guides:
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    there are a few minor "tweaks" you can do for Windows 2003 servers, but nothing that would fix a network issue like that, I suspect. You might try running only one server, and seeing if the packet loss is still there. As for the "tweaks" I know of:

    -Turn ICF (Internet connection firewall) off, unless you need it. I have a hardware router/firewall in between my box and the Internet, and I use that to make sure only the right ports are forwarded to my box.

    -Disable LastAccess file timestamping by creating this registry value:
    Value Name: NtfsDisableLastAccessUpdate
    Data Type: REG_DWORD (DWORD Value)
    Value Data: (0 = disable, 1 = enable)

    -Run HLDS as a service and set the process priority to "high". I use FireDaemon on my box, and it works great. Plus, it'll auto-restart the service if it crashes.

    -Consider running Booster 2.1 (DL link and info available here: It lowered the pings on my machine by about 10 ms, and increased the frame rate from 60 to 250. You might not want to run it if you're running two servers, causes much higher CPU usage.

    -Stop and disable any unnecessary services. I'm not sure which ones, friend did this for me. I doubt there are many unnecessary ones running, though...Win2003 comes fairly optimized/locked down out of the box.
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