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  • brute_forcebrute_force Join Date: 2003-10-04 Member: 21433Members, Constellation

    2. Celerity (PWN!)
    3. Silence/Focus
    4. Focus/Silence
    5. Carapace
    6. Regeneration
    7. Cloaking
    8. Scent of Fear
    9. Leap
    10. Up to you, I usually take Adrenaline so I can leap a bit extra

    Rush for the Onos:
    2. Save
    3. Save
    4. Fade
    5. Save
    6. Onos
    7. Regeneration
    8. Celerity
    9. Carapace
    10. Stomp


    1. Armor 1
    2. Armor 2
    3. Save
    4. JP
    5. Weapons 1
    6. Shotgun
    7. Resupply
    8. HMG or GL
    9. Weapons 2
    10. Welder/Mine/Weapons 3/Armor 3

    Those are my usual setups.
  • MazkalineMazkaline Join Date: 2003-02-11 Member: 13409Members
    No specific setup for aliens. I usually like making cloakin skulk with celerity and build up what comes in mind.
    But marine is totally different.

    1. lvl 1 armour - If commander can do it, so can I. One bite more is The Good thing
    2. Ammo up
    3. Shotgun - Early skulks rarely have carapace, and even when they do... well its a shotgun
    4. Ammo up 2 - Carapace, what carapace? Fade is spittin blood by now
    5. Equipment, depending on situation. Welder, resupply or if im really **** off: Ammo level 3
    6. Armor up 2/resupply if I didnt pick it in step 5
    7. Either HMG or save for heavy armour. Lots of small crittes tend to degenerate into little green bulb with this thing.
    8. Heavy armour. If not, then ammo level 3
    9. If in heavy armor: Armor level 3 or Heavy machine gun (hey, Im killing here. No time for some sissy scanning or motion track). If still in light armour, Im most likely a support unit and will take a welder.
    Heavy armors tend to crush on me after being welded from 0% armor.
    10. Something. Usually no points for heavy armour if not wearing it already, so It might as well be scan or catalyst.

    In alien, I usually just practice with skulks and lerk. So heres a lerk:
    1. Celerity (because I always forget to aim for lerk in the start)
    2. Save (Celerity gorge, anyone?)
    3. Flap flap flap flap
    4. Focus (only for lerk, skulk focus I dislike)
    5. Adrenaline
    6. Regen
    7. Carapace
    8. Next ability, if not sooner. No cloaking for lerk, its meant for flying and I only use it in maps where flying is possible.
    9. Something, something. Thats it.
  • ZdrozZZdrozZ Join Date: 2003-01-11 Member: 12158Members, Constellation

    3.leap (metabolize)

    As skulk I don't need more than focus+leap to get many kills and as fade I love celerity, that's why I pick that before I go fade.
  • Roger_DodgerRoger_Dodger Join Date: 2003-03-11 Member: 14392Members
    2. Weapon 3
    3. save
    4. save
    5. Fade
    6. save
    7. onos
    8. celerity
    9. regen
    10. adren

    Cant remember where the saves go but this is what i end up with.
    This onos setup is the only one i use as i am a big team player and am more happy to stomp the rines for my teamies.

    The early leap is what gets me my kills, then i use a fade with the new awesome meta, and then i onos. Everyone complains that the new stomp sucks but i find it very useful, stomp for run in, devour HA if possible, stomp on the way out. Too easy. Then rines come to chase me to save their mate so i wait and stomp them when they appear and let my teamies finish em off.

    2. Weap 3
    3. Focus
    4. Gorge if hive gets hurt and use the exp to finish some leveling (or save if hive healthy)
    5. Lerk
    6. Celerity
    7. Carapace
    8. Adren
    9. SoF
    10. Regen

    Leap and focus get me the early levels, healing the hive to get the last points of a level with gorge is useful, whip out a lerk, and the last levels are all about getting in and holding up enough for umbra spam for me and my teamies (or hive if it under attack).

    These are my fav lifeforms, i love gorging aswell but i have to do it with a mate of mine for it to really be fun.

    - RD
  • MintmanMintman Join Date: 2003-05-30 Member: 16866Members
    I'm the same as forlorn, but with this other option:

    1. Level 1 armour
    2. Welder/Mine
    3. Mine/Welder (depends on if/when they've hit your CC)
    - place the mine and sit on it to weld, skulks go boom
    4. Scan (decloak for your team, there's always someone with focus cloak)
    5. Level 2 armour
    6. Save
    7. JP/HA depending on situation
    8. Level 3 armour
    9. Resupply
    10. MT maybe (doesn't really matter)

    Rarely move out of base. Keep the CC and armoury alive, weld your team mates. They do the killing, you do the boring, but needed, jobs.
  • SVisionsSVisions Join Date: 2003-08-10 Member: 19375Members
    edited March 2004
    My Skulk --> Fade:

    1. Focus
    2. Carapace
    3. Unlock Next Ability
    4. Adrenaline
    5. Save for fade then go fade
    6. Regeneration
    7. Celerity


    1. Weapons 1
    2. Armor 1
    3. Resupply
    4. Shotgun
    5. Weapons 2
    6. Armor 2
    7. Jetpack
    8. Weapons 3
  • gophergopher Join Date: 2003-08-01 Member: 18657Members, Constellation

    1) Weapon Up #1
    2) Shotgun
    3) Armor Up #1
    4) Armor Up #2
    5) Resupply
    6) Save
    7) JP
    8) Weapon Up #2
    9) Armor / Weapon Up #3 / MT / Scanner Sweep

    What I get for the last point depends on the alien team: If they've got a lot of cloaking lamers, I'll just spend my point on either MT or Scanner Sweep, if alot of the alien choose focus (as the usually tend to do), i'll end up using Armor Up #3, else it's the third weapon up. I don't stick exactly to that build order, sometimes I might go for the Armor Ups first, or get Resupply at the beginning, thats what I end up with at the end though.


    1) Focus
    2) Regen
    3) Carapace
    4) Save
    5) Save
    6) Fade
    7) Adrenaline
    8) Next Ability
    9) Sof
  • DragonMechDragonMech Join Date: 2003-09-19 Member: 21023Members, Constellation, Reinforced - Shadow
    edited March 2004
    The Technician: Almost useless in a fight, but still very handy to have around.
    2: Mines
    3: Welder
    4: Scan
    5: Armor 1
    6: Resupply
    7: MT
    8: Armor 2
    9: Save
    10: JP

    Basicly, a tech mines the base, welds the CC, irritates the Kharra with scan and MT, and uses the JP to keep up with the HAs to keep them welded & de-webbed. Usually, a tech only gets XP from mine kills & shared XP. When used properly he can double, triple and even quadruple a good HA's lifespan.
  • Trent_HawkinsTrent_Hawkins Join Date: 2003-03-25 Member: 14875Members
    For marines, well, I'm usually support because no one else is, and my upgrades, and ther order varries depending on what the aliens throw at me.

    1) [null]
    2)-if i get pwnd twice by focus, armour 1
    -if there are lots of cloaked aliens running around; scanner sweep or MT (depends on the map)
    -otherwise weapon 1
    3) same as 2, but the otherwise is shotgun or weapon 1
    4)shotgun if i don't already have one, otherwise armour 1 or 2
    5)armour 2 if i only have 1, otherwise welder.
    8)welder if i don't have one, if not, weapon 2
    10)weapon 2/3
  • The_RedeemerThe_Redeemer Join Date: 2002-12-24 Member: 11490Members, Constellation
    edited March 2004
    <span style='color:orange'>Spam Fade</span>
    <span style='color:green'>
    1. Skulk
    2. Celerity
    3. Leap(2nd Hive Ability)
    4. Xenocide(3rd Hive Ability)
    5. Adrenaline
    6. Carapace
    7. Regeneration
    8. Save (+1)
    9. Save (+2)
    10. Fade
    I basically use this build to be a early annoyance(Xeno Skulk!) and later to spam Acid Rockets and then kill any marine that tries to come towards me or run away if there are too many.

    <span style='color:orange'>Focus Fade</span>
    <span style='color:green'>
    1. Skulk
    2. Focus
    3. Celerity
    4. Save (+1)
    5. Save (+2)
    6. Fade
    7. Carapace
    8. Regeneration
    9. Metabolize(2nd Hive Ability)
    10. Adrenaline
    Just another Focus Fade build... Nothing special about it.

    <span style='color:orange'>Early Lerk/Focus Lerk</span>
    <span style='color:green'>
    1. Skulk
    2. Save (+1)
    3. Lerk
    4. Adrenaline
    5. Celerity
    6. Umbra(2nd Hive Ability)
    7. Focus
    8. Primal Scream (3rd Hive Ability)
    9. Carapace
    10. Scent Of Fear OR Regeneration

    My Lerk build, nothing special really.

    <span style='color:yellow'>Jet Support Marine</span>
    <span style='color:Blue'>
    1. Marine
    2. Level 1 Weapons
    3. Shotgun
    4. Welder
    5. Level 1 Armor
    6. Level 2 Armor
    7. Save (+1)
    8. Jetpack
    9. Level 2 Weapons
    10. Level 3 Weapons OR Grenade Launcher OR HMG OR Resupply
    This is my Basic build when playing Combat as a Marine.

    <span style='color:yellow'>Jet Greed Marine</span>
    <span style='color:Blue'>
    1. Marine
    2. Level 1 Weapons
    3. Shotgun
    4. Level 1 Armor
    5. Level 2 Armor
    6. Save (+1)
    7. Jetpack
    8. Level 2 Weapons OR Resupply.
    9. Level 2 Weapons OR Level 3 Weapons
    10. Resupply OR Level 3 Weapons OR Grenade Launcher OR HMG
    This is my second build if I don't feel like aiding my team, there are times for this build too =D.

    <span style='color:yellow'>Demo-Marine</span>
    <span style='color:Blue'>
    1. Marine
    2. Mines
    3. Level 1 Weapons
    4. Shotgun
    5. Grenade Launcher
    6. Motion Tracking
    7. Level 2 Weapons OR Resupply
    8. Resupply or Level 2 Weapons
    9. Level 3 Weapons
    10. Grenades
    This build has alot of explosions....

    <span style='color:yellow'>Heavy Armor Marine</span>
    <span style='color:Blue'>
    1. Marine
    2. Level 1 Weapons OR Level 1 Armor
    3. Level 1 Armor OR Level 1 Weapons
    4. Level 2 Armor
    5. Save (+1)
    6. Heavy Armor
    7. Shotgun
    8. HMG
    9. Level 2 Weapons
    10. Level 3 Weapons
    This is an Heavy Armor build.

    <span style='color:purple'>EDIT: I Added some stuff I think.</span>
    <span style='color:gray'>EDIT March 5th: Changed some stuff and added some stuff I think</span>
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