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NS v 3.0, steam, and LAN
Okay, when the STEAM-only NS comes out, what will it mean for dedicated and listen servers playing on a LAN, 100mbps, but with really crap internet connectivity.

What will my LAN buddies have to do to connect to a STEAM version of NS on the LAN? Will they need to have STEAM and all updates to play on the LAN only, and can the server be set up so as to avoid this (all but 1 have crappy internet due to 30+ year old infrastructure).

What advantages does STEAM even have to offer to LAN server or people who can never get broadband (again, old infrastructure and no interest amongst the ploiticians when it comes to fixing it) ? Or am I just going to get frozen out of NS altogether by this improvement?


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    Offline play is in development, its about to go into testing. More
    details will be available when its released, but in short if you have a
    full cache (i.e its 100% loaded) then you will be able to play without
    an internet connection.
    Cheesy Pete Za
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    Thanks, man, there's a lack of info around here....

    So, fully loaded and updated Steam doesn't have to have a net connection?
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    Hi Folk,

    you don't need Steam to rund NS at a Lan. Just copy your nsp Directory from SteamApps\username to your original HalfLife Directory. Than you can play this nice Game whithout steam. Dedicated NaSe 3 Server works to in this way, too.

    Enjoy plaing! asrifle.gif
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