+exec Xyz.cfg Not Working

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Steam no longer supports custom config?

I was trying to set up a NS beta 3 server, but for the server to fully work with our script system of running multiple servers on a single machine, i need to get the following command line to work:

./hlds_run +ip X.X.X.X +port 27015 -game nsp +maxplayers 14 +map ns_eclipse +exec somecustomconfig.cfg

But if I start the server up with this command, it will only execute the regular server.cfg in the nsp dir, but not my special config. I also disabled mapchangecfgfile, but this did not fix the problem.

Is it no longer possible to specify a different config then server.cfg in the server startup command line?
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    had the same problem on windows. I used server.cfg and then selected an alternate mapchangefile. If you're wanting to run multiple servers from the same folder have you considered setting the mapchangefile in the command line and using that file for the majority of settings. It should run when the first map loads.
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