Optimize Cpu Usage On My Server!

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hello, I got a server running on win xp at 10/10 mbit of bandwith. The server has this:
512 mb ddr ram

The problem is when it got over 10 players on my combat only server the cpu usage get up to 60% and then the server starts lagging a lot ! I thought this server spec should work for 20 players at least? So what can I do?


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    First thing I'd do is ensure your Server Priority is set at "High".
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    yeah more things?? Have it on "realtime" now!
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    Are you playing on the same machine that is serving?

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    Noo ofcourse not =

    PLease give me some tips! Its sick with to high cpu usage on 12 players !!
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    Setting a process to "realtime" on a windows machine may not be a really great thing. Doing that tends to pre-empt windows from paying attention to other things... like the mouse moving, or input from the keyboard.

    If you're going to optimize a windows machine, your best bet is to go in and turn off as many of the "stupid" services that you can find. Some of the services are essential to run (like server or workstation services), or just darn useful (event logging), but many, like Messenger, Remote Registry Connection, UPnP, and anything with "QoS" in it are just lousy processor-hogging useless crappage. Hell, some of 'em are even dangerous and open up your computer to attack!

    So by trimming the number of services that are running on your server, you free up processor ticks that can go to the game.

    Here's some websites about disabling unneeded windows services:


    This one is specifically for optimizing a web server, but it's really 6 of 1, a half dozen of the other.


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