Hl Freezing Midgame

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<div class="IPBDescription">really really *bleeping* me off</div> Recently, my HL has been very irritating. It's been constantly freezing midgame for absolutely no reason at all (as far as I can tell). It just freezes mid game and, with the screen showing the same thing all the time and whatever sound that happens to be playing would constantly play. It doesn't crash or give a message or anything. I have to ctrl+alt+delete and kill HL.exe to get out of HL.

This only just recently started happening and HL's always been fine. This doesn't just happen in a single mod, it happens in TFC, HLDM and NS. I've tried formatting my system and doing a clean reinstall of HL, but no such luck. I'm beginning to think this might be hardware related, but I'm posting here in case anyone else have any ideas.

I just did a search for similar problems here and I realize I've forgotten to post another symptom. When HL finally closes, I get a "HL Launcher error", which is really similar to <a href='http://www.unknownworlds.com/forums/index.php?act=ST&f=18&t=56623' target='_blank'>this thread</a> here. However, no solutions to my problem was posted there so.. yeah.


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    you have xp? dont tick any of the compatibilitie settings, they can cause problems.
  • ZeroByteZeroByte Join Date: 2002-11-01 Member: 3057Members
    Nope, I don't have any of those checked. I just realized I haven't posted my setup yet:

    WinXP Pro
    1.6 GHZ
    128MB RAM
    Nvidia TNT2 (sucks yes?)
    AC'97 based sound card.
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    i have exactly the same thing :/ but no answer :/
    <a href='http://www.unknownworlds.com/forums/index.php?act=ST&f=18&t=59889&st=0&#entry889246' target='_blank'>http://www.unknownworlds.com/forums/in...=0&#entry889246</a>
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