Random Freebsd Crashes

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To start with, I consider myself a fairly experienced HL server admin and I'm comfortable in FreeBSD. As for the server I'm whining about here today, I should go over its history. Its been running fine for the last 2 weeks with Clanmod and NS2.01. The HLDS install is on FreeBSD 4.8 with the linux procfs mounted and all. It came about a few hours ago that I had to restart the machine because of some other processes I have on it, but when I finished rebooting the box HLDS refused to boot. I figured Clanmod was being picky so I went into my liblist.gam and disabled Clanmod - but it didn't work. Giving up, I did a fresh HLDS/NS install (without clanmod this time) and it booted fine. But about 15 minutes later I noticed the server was no longer online. I've been experimenting since then and this is what I've come up with:

Almost exactly 3 minutes after HLDS boots and initializes, it promptly crashes with or without players (yes, players can connect and play fine during its 3 minutes of uptime) connected to the server. It returns a standard core dumped error and -debug adds no helpful information. Booting with logging on just shows:

L 11/27/2003 - 01:21:19: "Playername<blahblah>" disconnected
L 11/27/2003 - 01:21:19: Server shutdown
L 11/27/2003 - 01:21:19: Log file closed

This is perhaps the most random error I've ever seen. If you need any other information just ask. Until then I'm going to go back to trying another fresh install and yelling about how ridiculous HLDS can be. Thanks in advance for your help everyone.


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    Hmm... I don't know very much about freebsd servers so I'll just go through some random thoughts. I'm just rattling off things that come off the top of my head, take what you will and leave the rest.

    I'm assuming that after your re-install you used the hlds engine again. Did you patch it up to and also apply the boffix patch?

    Are you using the latest NS 2.01 server binary?

    How does it behave if you use the HLDS server engine vs using the engine? The same? Different?

    Are all the interfaces still up? Can you log into the machine?

    Are there any kill/restart scripts running that may have been delayed?

    Is something else being bound to any of Half-Life's ports?

    Does the tree containing the HLDS server and NS server files have proper user permissions? Try running the server as root just as a temporary test to see if the problem goes away.

    I can't think of anything else to check. You could try running gdb and posting the backtrace, maybe "joev" will have some answers.

    NS Win32/Linux Server setup guides:
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    What does gdb -q hlds hlds.core say?
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