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<div class="IPBDescription">Hive position and a change?</div> I intend to put the hive at either point 1 and build the red rooms or point 2 and build the yellow rooms at the moment i am in favour of building it at point 1 and building the red rooms. i am also considering swapping double res and marine start round so the distances are more equal but i might playtest it with rine start where it is first then more it if necessary.


  • SnakeUbSnakeUb Join Date: 2003-07-02 Member: 17871Members, Constellation
    i would only add 1 res node giving me a total of 11
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    Serious lack of res nodes over the marine side of the map. Chop it in half and you'd see there are 3 on the marines side and 6 on the aliens. A bit unfair imo.

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    You have been mapping this thing for quite a while and no one has pointed out the couple of glaring flaws it has? I'm sorry if I sound harsh, but I believe it's better to give criticism straight without mincing words.

    The layout is rubbish because:
    - Lack of connectivity. The map is divided into two by a small hallway. There are two hives and four RT's in spitting distance behind that hallway. The only other way in is a vent. This is so wrong that it hurts. You can forget swapping doubleres and MS since it would mean that marines have instant control over the main route out of the two hives.
    - Hive2Hive times and Hive2MS times are completely off. You can walk between those two hives in couple of seconds but it takes a lot more to get to either of your planned hives. Naturally, since the two hives are next door neighbours, they have equal times to MS, but the third hive will be closer in the option 1. Bottom line: the two hives are way too close to each other.
    - Room balance is off. Huge hallways and rooms mixed with cramped hallways and small rooms.
    - Res balance is off, but that can always be changed later on. There are much greater problems to tackle first.

    If you are willing to make this a working ns_map, you really need to do a lot more work than just slap the third hive and couple of rooms in it. If you are willing to take the challenge, some suggestions:
    - The main problem area is the left side of the map with the two hives and the 4 RT's. It has to be redesigned. The route from the upper hive can't join the one leading to the lower hive. Otherwise they form a circle connected at one point to the doubleres. Instead, they need to form for example an U connected at the other end to doubleres and at the other to somewhere else.
    - Expand the map to north. Look out for Hive2Hive- and Hive2MS times.

    If you wish, I can draw some graphic suggestions for the layout.
  • SnakeUbSnakeUb Join Date: 2003-07-02 Member: 17871Members, Constellation
    i see you have a point i'll add he 4th hive location and playtestit with some friends first and c if the hive distances are too unbalanced and if they are which they probably will be then i'll try sumat like what uve just sugested. probably disconnecting the bottom hive from the middle and joining the breaks to the rest of the map seperately and adding a route from the top of the map to the middle hive should lower the times enough.
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