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<div class="IPBDescription">could you imagine this becoming official</div> had to misspell up in the descriptionto get it to fit =D

Anyways my idea is NS_ISS or International Space Station

Basically the layout would include the current layout of the international space station, any future planned layouts, and extra layout areas that i will come up with myself (to compensate for future layout makes hundreds of years from now)

The map would have its own story, i would have to read up on the NS stories out there, but basically the story would go something like:

After the International Space Station was upgraded several hundred times to accomedate new changed in technology, it was eventually disbanded in favor of a new state-of-the art space station with all modern ameneties built in. The space station was stripped of all vital equipment, and left too float around in the void of space, but that was before any knowledge of the karaa. [insert number of years here] later, it was found near a critical choke point in space and military analysts concluded that it could once again be used as a marine forward staging ground, but when it was boarded once again, marines find unfreindly passengers who are making themselves at home!

Could you ever imagine this becomeing an official NS map if it was good enough?

details about me and my idea:

I am a n00b mapper, i just learned how to map, ive made several "fun" ns maps and now i am ready to make something that will actually take time and look good and play fun. This is one of my first ideas, and if i get enough positive feedback i will actually do something about it!


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    Umm, the ISS is pretty small and as a map, would consist basically of series of small rooms and cramped hallways.

    Don't restrict yourself with the real ISS layout. Go for the realistic spacestation look and pseudo-realistic design, but come up with the layout yourself. It's ok for places to be a bit small since it's supposed to be originally an early 21st century space station, but they can't be small enough to hinder gameplay.

    The theme is interesting and if done correctly, should provide a great map. However, I'm a bit worried about the challenge you have chosen as your first map. It could provide to be too steep. Think one more time if you're up to it and whether you should try something less challenging first.
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