Underworld: Bloodline

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Great movie. Excellent plot, lots of action. I was kind of suprised, after playing the HL mod I actually thought it would be an overhyped then not so good movie, but...it was awesome. I put it at just below the matrix, not quite on the same level but almost as good. Also, the ending is really freakin' cool, not only the plot twist at the end but the way the bad guy dies...I'll leave it at that to not ruin anyone's first time seeing it.

Anyone else see it yet?


  • FlatlineUTDFlatlineUTD Join Date: 2002-11-08 Member: 7695Members
    I saw it last night, it was alright.

    The backstory was OK, just the same as any other vampire flick. Action scenes were meh. It was like The Matrix + Blade, maybe a little below Blade, definitely way below The Matrix.

    Then again, I watched Equilibrium for the 1000th time earlier this week, which may have skewed my opinion of Underworld.

    BTW, go watch Equilibrium if you haven't already. <b>Gun F-ing Cata</b>.
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    plot wasnt very thick... i like a nice thick plot to really get engrossed in a movie... but the overall action levels were nice and high
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