The 2.0 Map Compatibility Thread

MausMaus Join Date: 2002-11-03 Member: 5599Members
The basic point of this thread is to find out which 1.0x maps are still compatible with 2.0, which are buggy, and which are unplayable due to the new collision code (like poor old nancy) or other 2.0 gameplay changes (nerfed JPs for example). If you've played any 1.0x custom maps in 2.0, please report back with a little post here.

Two little rules:

* Post the name of the map(s) you've tested that work with 2.0 only.
* If maps do not work in 2.0, give a little summary of what the problem is (so server admins can decide whether it's worth persevering with or not, and I suppose so their makers could fix it if they were so inclined).


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