Seraphy's Sub-class Guide For New Players (4)

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<div class="IPBDescription">Part the fourth: Fades</div> To help new players get used to the bewildering options presented by the kharaa
upgrade system, and the wide range of tactics available to the individual, i've put
together a list of 'sub-classes' for each evolution based on which upgrades you take.

This list is not exhaustive or fully comprehensive. feel free to suggest other roles
and subclasses in this thread.

listed with upgrades, basic tactics, role
and suggested weapon advice. bracketed () upgrades are optional, ie, not strictly
necessary to perform the role. All of these show full upgrades, but in many cases
can be performed with only the first one or two. obviously, these sub-classes may
or may not be available depending on chamber build order, but theres a sub-class
for most all build orders.

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... oh my...

Fade <!--emo&::fade::--><img src='' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='fade.gif'><!--endemo-->

Melee : Celerity,Carapace,SoF
Works with: Any assault/support class
Primary Weapon: Slash
Description: Swift terror, and swifter destruction. this fade is built to tear things
apart. Celerity gets it in and out of combat quickly, and carapace keeps you alive longer.
Like all fades, this one is a hit and run unit. When your HP goes below 100, run and use
Metabolise before returning. you should get 2 marines per run if you practice. support from
a Field Medic Gorge means you can stay in the ruck for longer.

Terror : Silence,Regen,Cloak
Works with: alone, or with other Terror fades (but loosely)
Primary Weapon: Slash/ Blink
Description: Waits in the main travel corridors and rooms, cloaked, and ready.
when marines approach, blink up to them, quick-switch to slash, take one down,
switch to blink and leave. the ultimate hit and run fade. make
the marines travel slowly or in groups, reducing their expansion capability.
fear is your ally. strike unpredictably. Do _NOT_ camp. if they know where you like
to hide, they'll come after you or avoid it. a jumpy marine is an ineffective marine.

Artilery : Adrenaline, Carapace, (SoF)
Works with: Any assault, or at range in defence, best in pairs
Primary Weapon: Acid Rocket
Description: Unlike other fades, this one seems almost cowardly. softening up marines
at a distance, and popping in and out of cover to strike. With 2, you can alternate
when you run out of energy. useful to give extra punch from afar during assaults,
they make good hive defenders too, weakening marines before they get to the hive
and making an easy meal of them for the hive defences. for truely horrendous
effectiveness, work in pairs with a MC or two nearby. keep up a solid curtain of
burning acid!

Baseraper: Adrenaline, Regen, SoF
Works with: base assaults, field medic gorge
Primary Weapon: Slash
Description: these psychopaths in black armour like to take it to the enemy.
Specifically, the enemy's precious buildings. Any installation is game, from
RTs to the marine spawn. REMEMBER. Hit & Run. if your health gets low, flee using
blink. metabolise and regen will soon have you back in the fray. because you are
concentrating on buildings, use SoF to hit the installations when there are few or
no marines guarding it.

Enrager: Redemption, Celerity, (SoF)
Works with: alone, or as the lone fade in a group of other aliens.
Primary weapon: Any/Redmption/Annoyance
Description: this fade is there to **** of the marines, plain and simple.
An angry marine isnt thinking straight and is more likely to disobey his comm
and come hunt you down. run in, give em a scare and then redeem. make sure you taunt them
once you are safe. "Missed me", "better luck next time" or "Hah! I live!" is sufficient -
no need to get vulgar. then once healed, get back as fast as possible and rinse and repeat.
keep up your taunting each time you redeem. this works with most classes, but fades have
the right health level to redeem quick (but not too quick), heal quick, and get back
quick. they are also a prime target for marines, who will often go for the fade first.
if their fire is wasted as you redeem, they will be more annoyed if your allies kill them
because they wasted fire on you. Shotguns en masse wil ruin your day. retreat in the face
of massed shotguns.

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  • KinslayerKinslayer Join Date: 2003-01-21 Member: 12561Members
    edited August 2003
    Good guide.

    A few sidenotes though:

    -Carapace is useful, but against fully upgraded weapons it will only give you a handful of bullets worth of increased duribility.

    -Meta and regen CAN be used in tandom. With a little practice and timing you can heal 42 health every two seconds or so.

    -Blink is one of the best skills in the game, allowing the fade to quickly go ANYWHERE in the map faster then any other class. Vents are your friend, most marines won't expect a big fade to pop out of a small vent. When assulting marines, blink around them untill they run out of ammo then clean up. Try to blink to the side and past marines, this will confuse them and most likely make them lose sight of you.

    -Fades are NOT tanks, they cannot stand up to upgraded weaponry. Always ambush, slowly wear them down, and make them waste ammo.

    -Against HAs the best bet is acid rocket, slowly wear them down from a distance. If you don't have acid rocket then blink in slash a FEW times, then blink out and heal. Unless you are a god with the fade you will not take out an HA in one run, and attack the back member of HA trains, as more then two people shooting at you will kill you in a second. Remember that fully upgraded HAs take 9 hits to kill.

    -Be patient, do not let your desire to kill a marine in one go take over, it WILL get you killed. Play it safe instead, that is key.

    -Manage your energy, always TAP blink, never hold it down. If you hold it down without adren you will end up with no energy to attack with. Always leave yourself some energy left over no matter what you are doing, that quick escape will save your life many times.

    -Never underestimate the power of the movement upgrades, as they are by far the most powerful for a fade. Silence will make sure you always strike first in an ambush, celerity will let you dance circles around anyone and blink at ungodly speeds, adren will give you alot more slop in your energy management and allows for infinate slashing and meta.

    -Avoid going fade with only one hive. Unless you have defense as your first chamber you will die easily and will not be very effective at all.
  • StakhanovStakhanov Join Date: 2003-03-12 Member: 14448Members
    I think the Cara Adren Fade is the best all around sub-class on pubs , you can safely kill groups of less than 3 marines , flee and metabolize non-stop. With more stamina you can force the marines to waste ammo by blinking around before starting slashing them.
  • elchinesetouristelchinesetourist Join Date: 2003-06-29 Member: 17775Members
    I prefer regen cel fade

    won't work against medspammed ha train but otherwise can rack up the kills
  • Wookie_nookie_is_the_best_nookieWookie_nookie_is_the_best_nookie Join Date: 2003-08-18 Member: 19932Members
    i love fade. hit and run is incredible with the new blink (think of using it like nightcrawler in xmen 2), and if i get jumped, i just blink. It doesnt matter which way too much, as long as its away from the enemy. many a time have i jumped over enemies, blinked away behind them, and then blinked over them again to get to base. all you have to do is be faster on the draw then they are- not necesarily more accurate.
  • r3dsk4r3r3dsk4r3 Join Date: 2003-05-13 Member: 16257Members
    i like the regen/adrenaline/cloaking/SOF fade. if res is tight i usually go for redemption, to get the most out of my investment. SOF is good because you can pick off the weakend marines that have taken cover with your acid rockets. fade is definitely not a tank like it was in 1.04. especially without acid rockets at 2 hives. i like to think of fades as a very large skulk: get in, kill, get out. you might want celerity over adrenaline if you plan on running instead of blinking.
  • KinslayerKinslayer Join Date: 2003-01-21 Member: 12561Members
    As a fade I find it useful to random jump and crouch AS you slash a marine. With armor upgrades and HA they can take quite a few swipes to take out, and with the view-disorienting from being hit appearing in random places can easily save your hide.
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