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<div class="IPBDescription">Should've been a top priority</div> Version 2.0
We all expected there to be bugs. One thing I hadn't expected was that fixing those bugs would take a backseat to gameplay balancing. The first day we played 2.0 we knew onos devour + redempt was unfair. I had made the suggestion to flayra in irc that it could be removed. Surprisingly this happens a few days later. What I'm confused about is why you're trying to continue balancing when theres other fundamental problems with your game. We currently run 2.01b on Sleepless, our admins and regulars all agree 2.0 2.01a and 2.01b were all pretty well balanced. Both teams winning or losing depending on the players skill. This brings me to the first bug.

<b>mp_limitteams </b> This is a great feature, it works well when the game begins. The problem is when people start quitting or dropping out. The people connecting can't join either team. The problem is because if teams are 11 vs 8 and limit teams is set to 2. The difference in team size disallows them to join the smaller team. This is a huge problem on most servers, I've seen other posts regarding this issue. So far the public betas have refused to address this.

<b>Turrets</b> There appears to be a huge problem with these. We've been testing our theory since we discovered the problem. As most of you can tell there has been a huge change in the way turrets respond. 1.04 turrets were slow to react, 2.0 turrets hit you before you've turned the corner.

The problem we've discovered is that turrets are causing horrible lag. Packet loss and choke goes through the roof when you have a group of turrets in an area. We've tested this many times, with NORMAL cl_updaterate and cl_cmdrate settings these turrets cause choke anywhere from 10 to 30 even as high as 60 and 80. If you recycle the turret factory this lag instantly disappears PL and Choke return to 0. I don't know whats changed, but theres definetly problems relating to these new turrets.

<b>OverFlow</b> Another huge issue on my server. 2.0 games are taking longer and longer. And since we installed 2.0 we've had people overflow on a pretty regular basis. This is particularly annoying for aliens. They lose their resources and most of the time their slot gets taken while they try to reconnect. Things like medspam and ammo spam, lots of turrets shooting, lots of players shooting can all lead to numerous players dropping out from overflow. I realize some servers dont have this problem, but I'm convinced its caused by the new version. We ran 1.04 and 1.03 for months without any issues.

People have suggested I run a 1.04 server and I've considered it. Personally I have no lag problems, it appears to be an issue relating to some clients. Which reinstalling and tweaking their connection settings appears to help. With all that said, I'm glad you guys made your release date. I'm grateful that you've given me such a fun game to play for the past months. Unfortunatly with every game being stacked and unfair, its hard to justify hosting a server. I hope you find some solutions, as stated before we're more than willing to reproduce these bugs. And would be willing to work with you to find solutions to some of these more major problems.

-Comments and Concerns made by
-Sleepless Admins and Regulars


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    A lot of bugs are being addressed, even if they don't show up in the change logs.

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    i dont get any of them probs <!--emo&:)--><img src='http://www.unknownworlds.com/forums/html/emoticons/smile.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='smile.gif'><!--endemo-->
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    i have all of these problems
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    I am getting pretty **** off with the limitteams stuff. I constantly see a group of people waiting in the waiting room towards the end of a game(teams 12 v. ~9) or so, and I have my limitteams to 3, and there stuck there.... really pisses me off when that happends and more people just f4 out because people aren't joining in... Really crappy and I am surprised they didn't catch this or do anything about it before it was released(or a small beta patch with just bugfixes and not gameplay changes).
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    Just fix the limitteams bug it's driving me nuts.
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    Yeah, a patch with just bug fixes would be great and preferably not have to go through a 'public beta' stage, instead would just come out officially.
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