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what's is the difference between these leagues? are some more skilled than others?
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  • FrikkFrikk Join Date: 2002-11-01 Member: 3164Members, Constellation Posts: 860
    OGL is considered usually a begining league. I tend to look at it like the league that you start out in, and move up to the bigger leagues.

    CAL is the big league. It's mostly huge because of it's offiliation with the CPL. As far as I can remember all the US vet clans are in it, along with a few other skilled clans.

    UGL is also a good league, just hasn't started yet. Should start in 2.0. Not as big as CAL but is also good
  • Brett_ErilaneBrett_Erilane Join Date: 2003-01-01 Member: 11708Members Posts: 572
    OGL uses a ladder system (you challenge for rungs)
    CAL and UGS use a schedule system (one match a week)
    CAL is the biggest league
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