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<div class="IPBDescription">About it.</div>You may or may not know that there is a command for 3rd person and can be put it.
cam_command 1
cam_idealyaw 0

So will this stay in the game? Cause if it does then people will be able to look around corners as a alien. Of course this would not work for a Marine cause of aiming problems but I'm sure Aliens would love it.  
So basically my question is, will 3rd Person Command stay in the game or will it be out?


  • pielemuispielemuis Join Date: 2002-01-25 Member: 72Members, NS1 Playtester
    isn't it already disabled in most MP mods ? there was a discussion about this, and it's not gonna be in the game afaik
  • KnightmareKnightmare Join Date: 2002-07-19 Member: 974Members
    I know of a few that still have it, either because they forgot about it or wanted it in.
  • RamsesRamses Join Date: 2002-05-21 Member: 642Members
    This is always disabled in Multiplayer-modus, in mods where you can use it it was ENabled.
    You needn't disable it for a mod i think, you need to enable it. Or do you remember that you were able to switch to 3rd Person in HLDM?
  • KnightmareKnightmare Join Date: 2002-07-19 Member: 974Members
    Example, the Vampire Slayer mod has it.  You type in the command and retry in console and then when u come back you will be in 3rd person.  

    Gangwars Mod had it to.. I assume others must have it but forgotten it

    I know CS doesnt
  • SurgeSurge asda4a3sklflkgh Join Date: 2002-07-14 Member: 944Members
    Sven Coop had it before chasecam became a feature of it (read: You can bind a key to it now, and it works).
  • KnightmareKnightmare Join Date: 2002-07-19 Member: 974Members
    Yeah its a bindable command.  

    So Sven-Op deleted it after chase-cam? or still has it?

    Anyway, anyone on the team.  Will it become a command option?
  • Raptor091288Raptor091288 Join Date: 2002-07-15 Member: 955Members, Reinforced - Shadow
    i highly doubt it would, it would make the game kinda one-sided for aliens wouldnt it? and isnt this game supposed to be about balance? if so, why would you want aliens to have an advantage? (basically what im saying it: whats the point of having it in if the mods about balance and it would make it easy for aliens?)
    *edit* er. yeah this is kinda what it would look like:
    <!--emo&:bob:--><img src="http://www.natural-selection.org/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/bob.gif" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':bob:'><!--endemo-->  <!--emo&:asrifle:--><img src="http://www.natural-selection.org/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/asrifle.gif" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':asrifle:'><!--endemo-->  i mean, if the alien could see around a corner it would be easy to sneak up on a marine like that... (basically what im saying is dont put this in, i dont like it... whoever thought of mini alien-cameras? if anyone should be able to do it period it should be researched by the commander and marines could then use it *edit*
  • SurgeSurge asda4a3sklflkgh Join Date: 2002-07-14 Member: 944Members
    Maybe they could allow aliens chasecam to show that they have like, a really high degree of vision.
  • CrematorCremator Join Date: 2002-01-24 Member: 27Members
    3rd person is no fun anyway...
  • SurgeSurge asda4a3sklflkgh Join Date: 2002-07-14 Member: 944Members
    Oh? So Jedi Knight II is no fun?
  • NecroticNecrotic Big Girl&#39;s Blouse Join Date: 2002-01-25 Member: 53Members, NS1 Playtester
    erm, aliens have hive mind anyway - they'll often be able to see marines round corners/thru walls etc anyway..so why have thirdperson aswell?
    plus halflife 3rd person looks pretty shat imo
  • KnightmareKnightmare Join Date: 2002-07-19 Member: 974Members
    Ok, I was just asking.  I wasnt strongly suggesting it be in, nor was I strongly suggesting for it not to be in.  I just wanted to know if they had it in, or if they had taken it out.. and possibly I could of reminded them of the command and they forgot about it..  So no need to get hostile toward me.
  • Cork2Cork2 Join Date: 2002-07-10 Member: 905Banned
    i don't think they left it in but then i wouldn't know i havent played the game yet.
  • GobyWanGobyWan Join Date: 2002-02-22 Member: 234Members
    Mini alien cameras? Like small creatures that could aid the hivemind (but not aiding anyone's actual vision), worms or something.


    HL Roaches! Perfect!
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    Neo must be causing a bit of a ruckus inside to cause <b>another</b> glitch.

    For about the six-millionth time, 3rd person is officially out for both teams due to the fact that you can see around corners. Thats the last word from the Dev Team. It could be explained quite easily with hivemind, super perceptive skills or little eyes on stalks but the official word is no.

    STC o'course.

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  • ICha0sIICha0sI Join Date: 2002-06-13 Member: 763Members
    creamator wtf is ur problum 3rp person is asome i love all 3rd person games i dont liek in some mods how u look at the guys side form the bakc it the best way to go
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