A Request To The Ns Community

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Everyone was new once
Heya NS fans,

Lately, the forums have been getting a little, well, snooty. People have tended to reply a bit more condescendingly, or perhaps treat new players with less respect then they are due. There's also been a tendency to try and moderate threads by people who aren't mods. And there've been too many flamewars, by NS forum standards.

This needs to be stopped pronto.

A lot of effort has been spent in the NS community to keep it very friendly, social, and PG. We want our forums, channels, and servers to be a refuge from the majority of the online world where anarchy reigns, and admins are nowhere to be seen. We can only do this with YOUR help.

In the next few weeks, the countdown to NS 1.1 is going to begin. This means that the publicity campaign is going to swing into high gear. All those screenshots, movies, battlefield stories, and the rest are going to bring a lot of new faces into the NS community. A lot of new faces that are not NS experts, who have not been playing since October 2002, have not been following the mod since July 2001. Basically, a lot of 'newbies'.

These players are what will keep NS alive!

They need to be welcomed, and treated with patience and respect. Again - patience and respect. This means that when someone asks some silly question for the 20th time that day, and you have nothing good to say, then you have no reason to post. First impressions are what counts in the online world, and if the first response someone gets to 'how do I evolve into an Onos?' is 'SUYF read the manual, n00b!' then that player is likely never to ask anything again. You and the NS team cannot afford for this to happen.

So, on behalf of the dev team, the mods, and the ops, I am asking you think before you post that flame. My moderators have also been told that we're tightening up, and they are going to enforce this new mindset with extreme force if necessary. This means you will get a thread lock and a PM if we find you getting out of hand. Then a temp ban. Then you will be gone forever. We don't want to ban anyone, but this is what it will take to maintain the peace and goodwill in here, we will.

That's all. Please make sure your friends and mates read this post (it will be stickied in a while). Ignorance will not be an excuse.

Thanks, and get ready for NS 1.1. It's going to be affecting your grades and work performance sooner than you think! wink.gif
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    Why is this in leagues and tournaments though? Shouldn't it be in a place that mostly everyone will be checking?

    \\edit: ah i see, your shoving one of these in every forum, good show.
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    heh, i would agree.. it's kinda mis-placed MonsE.. [Edit: lol, somehow i only read that edit after i posted]

    but anyway, definitely good advice. and i strongly agree and appreciate the attention this is getting from mods/ops/dev etc.

    There's alot of angst/anger/harshness/meaness going around. Perhaps they're just frustrated with waiting, but hopefully everything'll be alright w/ release, and personally, I think i'm gonna feel pretty nubbish when 1.1 comes out tounge.gif

    cheers all,
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    Once again, agreed
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    It baffles me when someone posts a half page of text ranting on how something has been discussed before, but doesn't post a link to the thread.....
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    QUOTE (smokingwreckage @ Jun 26 2003, 12:13 AM)
    It baffles me when someone posts a half page of text ranting on how something has been discussed before, but doesn't post a link to the thread.....

    The issue of not linking to other forum pages already been addressed in at least three other... wait, wait, just kidding. biggrin.gif
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    I agree completely..
    We need n00bs, no matter how annoying some of them can be. Without them, the NS community is doomed. We were all n00bs once.. I think...
    Although, I don't think that we should be hugging people when 2.0 comes out and a NSplayer jumps in the cc and recycles everything while saying "LOL!!!111 I R TEH GRATST" then leaves.
    Be nice to the n00bs that are clueless. Do what ever you want with the greifers...

    Also, MonsE, what does SUYF stand for? confused.gif
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