Distress Beacon In Beta

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<div class="IPBDescription">Cause I can't reply in the beta forum</div> Now I don't have 100% of the infromation, but this was brought up in the 1.1t change log thread:
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O Reduced infantry portal health from 3000 to 2500 (attempt to reduced long alien win endgames)
O CC health increased from 8000 to 10000

The above seems counter intuitive. Since you need to kill ALL players (including the comm) this makes those long alien win endgames just as long. What might be better is to set a condition so if there are no IPs present (built OR unbuilt) AND all players are dead (except comm) then the game will end in 5 seconds.
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Isn't this the situation that Distress beacon was made for? Although I know this can really draw out the end game, I don't remeber this ever being removed. Maybe a PT/Vet can clear this up for me (and any one else who wants to know).


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    Distress Beacon requires an Observatory; we're talking about a total marine loss, where the CC is the last building left standing.

    And standing.

    And standing.

    And still standing.
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    edited June 2003
    I've always felt that the distress beacon should be part of the CC instead of the OBS. The obs is the first building to go (in terms of HPs it's very weak) and it would make more sense to have DB on the CC anyway. Since the CC is usually the last thing standing in a base attack, wouldn't that be the building one would expect housed the 'last ditch' distress beacon?

    So yeah, what Coil said. Observatory is usually LONG dead by the time the CC gets chomped on.


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    possibly make distress beacon a tech option that you spend res on to receive, and then be able to use it with the CC?
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    I haven't seen it used by anyone else, but when I'm comm and I'm using distress beacon, I trigger the beacon and then jump out of the chair and open fire on the aliens as they attack my marines. It is a great tactic and is a great reasson for a comm to have a HMG or a GL in the chair with him.
    Speaking of which, I wouldn't mind it if the comm's weapons were reloaded while he is in the chair so that he has a full clip when he gets out of the chair.
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    If DB is attached to the CC instead of the obs, then people should spawn in near that CC instead of at marine start (when marines relocate). This would surely mean making new spawn spots, and require lots of coding, both with editing the maps and checking which spawn points are close to the CC, so it probably won't happen. However, I think it would make more sense.
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    If I'm not mistaken, the distress beacon when away from base is FIXED now. I was in a game in 1.1 where we reloaced and we did DB in that area of the map which is nowhere NEAR marine base, and we spawned at the new base.

    So I don't see this as an issue.


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    I like the idea of the DB in the CC ... that would extend the game longer, but it would be fun. That's what counts. (I like the idea even from the alien perspective)

    Instead of ending the game in 5 seconds when you have a commander without living marines or IPs, just kick the commander out of the chair in 5 seconds in that situation. Problem solved.
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    The ever powerful Command Chair is just a small inconvenience. Does Flayra have the strength left to program something like this out? Only time will tell...

    Then again he did put in the Ping of Death so...
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