The Differences Between Public And Clan Games...

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<div class="IPBDescription">why do people hate public servers?</div> [/U]I've just played, what i thought was quite a good game on a public server... well... it was good till the commander decided we were nearly all worthless and left...

after that i couldn't help but think about how alot of people really under-rate the public servers.

i personally find decent games on public servers quite often (maybe thats 'cos i normally play as aliens)

i see that people on here always complain about how playing on public servers is really bad, to say the least. to me, this looks like because alot of people who play in a clan are <i>very</i> competative when it comes to playing, and they think every game is a competition, a serious competition.
so they let themselves get angry by every single tiny little mistake that happens, because, lets face it, in a clan match, you can't make too many mistakes unless your gonna lost.

but this isnt the case in public games, people who play here are just looking to play for fun, i've found that everyone is usually willing to follow orders and are friendly enough, infact, the only people ive seen get annoying are people with tags claiming that everyone on their team is <b>[deleted]</b> .

i think these people have to also realise that, since its a public game, not everyone is amazingly perfect, and they DO die, even if you place orders perfectly, and so shouldn't get frustrated by people dying, no-ones perfect, so don't expect them to be.

also, alot of commanders have yet to realise that not everyone is perfect with a jetpack and hmg combo, so they get annoyed when people, who havn't used them many times die from a skulk when they are ambushed or just plain unlucky...

i think alot of people who command of play in public servers have to bare this in mind, so they dont get stressed out at things they really shouldnt be, besides, its a game!

ok, this is kind of turning into a rant now... so i'll stop <!--emo&:D--><img src='' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='biggrin.gif'><!--endemo-->

what do you guys think? (noobs <u>and</u> vets)


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    1st evar post! But ahem anyway.

    I almost always play on a pub server because several clans use it, it's stable and great fun, I've tried a few clan servers and found the clans to have REALLY bad manners that makes me want to <!--emo&::asrifle::--><img src='' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='asrifle.gif'><!--endemo--> them alot.
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    I've noticed this too, that too often there are these clan people running around in pubs being impolite towards people that have less experience playing than they do, or even MORE impolite towards people that AREN'T in a clan, or any sort of organized competitive play(like me) who HAPPEN to be better than them. Then they constantly call them hacker/scripter/cheater until you get sick of it. I'm one of those people, but I could seriously care less about winning some stupid game, unless of course, the entire team really WAS that bad, and in which case I will attempt to give them a crash course on the basics of marine play(I usually play on marines. I like the no-marine-scores thing.) before giving up on them entirely and dishing out the shotties for a fun, albiet short, fragfest with my trusty boomstick before we get overrun.
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    If you find a good clan that you can hang around with and get to know, its good to join a clan server. Otherwise, public servers are alright for the daily dose of NS.
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    Some clans seem to forget that the game is for fun. Being competitive is good for sport but just remember why you started playing the game at all. Understand that it's not the win that really counts it's the good times you have with the people on BOTH teams that make the game. <img src='' border='0' alt='user posted image'>
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    I'm not in a clan so I cant speak for that side, but I've found that generally if you find that a server gives out a few bad games (because of the players) it's a bad server. I've got one server that I generally just go to because of it's good admin team and good players - these are people whom I search to see if they're online before joining. Sure, I'll get my arse kicked but I'd rather it be by them by some n00b with haxs.
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    <!--QuoteBegin--Agkelos+Jun 29 2003, 10:56 PM--></span><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td><b>QUOTE</b> (Agkelos @ Jun 29 2003, 10:56 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'><!--QuoteEBegin--> Winning = Fun gg <!--QuoteEnd--> </td></tr></table><span class='postcolor'> <!--QuoteEEnd-->
    So only half the people playing (approximately) are able to enjoy the game?
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    The reason: <b>it's unpredictable as hell!</b>

    Some friend of mine and I made what I call a neighborhood clan . . . as in no prac, no scrim, no matches, no site, no server, no nothing!

    <u>Clan name:</u>
    |$T| = Starship Troopers

    I run a teamspeak server on another computer on my LAN and we use that. I've had like 5 guys on teamspeak while playing. We're also those people who you hate that teamstack. But normally, we join the alien team since Marine is badly team stacked.

    We don't give a **** if we win or not. Losing is part of the game. We make fun of what we do. Knife fighting three fades or parasite rushing four heavies with HMG is the usual for us in the last minute of the game. I'm usually the commander since I've gotten very good in the past 3 month.

    We were playing ns_nothing. We had cargo and main. They had via and power. I decided to get everything organized -- clan style. We got 5 heavies (4 of them from my clan) with Gls and HMGs and got outside via on the left side. Red Room was WOL to kingdom come along with Generator. So we marched to via. I'm screaming orders, positions, weld weld weld to the heavies. We get TF and Phase up. People die left and right, coming back with out heavies. I am screaming phase phase phase with you LMG and take them out. I've got an upgraded TF over there and everything, but fades and a gorge are ripping us up. Then one guy who doesn't have a mic chimes in.

    "Commander, I just picked up a GL. Can I have a JP, not an HA, plz."

    With all the mic chatter and action, I take the few precious seconds to give him a JP. This little determined marine, admist all the action and confusion, silently flew to below red room, and started to GL it. When he ran out of ammo, he flew back to phase, got more, flew back, ran out, flew back and got more. Just as the fades finally take out phase and overwhelm the last remaining LMGs, this little determined marine types in team say.

    "Red room clr commander. Phase or TF please."


    I click over to see red romm clear and this guy standing right in the middle of it. Now this marine ignored my orders for everyone to stick together, ignored orders to rush the fades, ignored orders to get to outside via. I wasn't watching the chat interface, only listening mic, and when I didn't see his pleas for ammo he went and got some.

    Now as the fades where taking out the remaining turrets and TF, I built up red room with this lone marine. About two minutes later, they didn't know what hit them with 4 seige cannons and when they hurried up to Red Room they found 10 turrets, tf mined and plenty of marines who had phased. Taking down viaduct, we then moved with heavies to siege power.

    A few minutes later, we won.

    <b><i><u>MORAL OF THE STORY:</u></i></b>
    Sometimes that guy who you think is an @ss for not following orders is the savior and saint of your team.

    <b>Side Moral:</b> Anything can happen in a pub - It's beautiful!

    <i>I wish I knew who that marine was, I would love to play with him again.</i>
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    I like public. It's challenging, fun and unpredictable.

    I don't like people who don't like pubs. They're usually boring, annoying and predictable. People who don't like pubs make pubs bad.
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    <!--QuoteBegin--Killer White+Jun 30 2003, 09:50 AM--></span><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td><b>QUOTE</b> (Killer White @ Jun 30 2003, 09:50 AM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'><!--QuoteEBegin-->I LOVE PLAYING IN PUBS!!!

    The reason: <b>it's unpredictable as hell!</b>

    We don't give a **** if we win or not.  Losing is part of the game.  We make fun of what we do.  Knife fighting three fades or parasite rushing four heavies with HMG is the usual for us in the last minute of the game.

    <b><i><u>MORAL OF THE STORY:</u></i></b>
    Sometimes that guy who you think is an @ss for not following orders is the savior and saint of your team.

    <b>Side Moral:</b> Anything can happen in a pub - It's beautiful!

    <i>I wish I knew who that marine was, I would love to play with him again.</i><!--QuoteEnd--></td></tr></table><span class='postcolor'><!--QuoteEEnd-->
    i agree with this TOTALLY unpredictability makes games interesting and fun, but alot of clan members dont like this unpredictable side of games because it means theres a chance of loosing, and from what i see, they will do anything they can to stop this unpredictability and every other obstacle that might make them lose.
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    Find a good regular server and become a reg there.
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    All other things being equal, I prefer clan play. Having a tight, put together team that knows what I mean when I say something as simple as "weld into vent" makes commanding fun. No second gorges. Variable strategy. Much higher intensity and faster games.

    That said, my clan has gone inactive 'till 1.1, even with 13 people on the roster we couldn't get people to come back on a regular basis to scrim and play the CAL 1.04 pre-season matches, so I've been doing pub play since then. Pub play gets you noobs. And there's nothing wrong with noobs, but really, I only want to explain the resource system and the most basic of game mechanics so many times. I can only stand losing because I was away from base and a single skulk ate 6 people who were all getting ammo so many times before my head explodes. It's not so much that mistakes happen. It's that the mistakes are so <i>basic</i>, instead of strategic mistakes. I'm <i>fine</i> with loosing because I chose to have my jetpackers go gun down sewer and leave a gorge and a couple skulks in vent; I'm not fine with losing because 2 gorges in a row waddled straight into the marine base for no perceptible reason.

    It's not that we don't get good games... It's that the bad games are really, really bad.
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    *points at sig*
    *excellent pub*

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    The reason I hate a lot of pubs is that some people just don't know how to play NS very well. To add to that, a lot of pubbers don't even bother to change their name from NSPlayer, and that just shows how little they want to put into the game, and how little they want to learn how to play the game.

    I get a lot better play out of my reg servers and clanmatches, so it's obvious that I'd stick to them.
  • ChurchChurch Meatshield grunt-fodder // Has pre-ordered NS2 Join Date: 2002-12-31 Member: 11646Members, Constellation
    Anyways, remember folks, ALL GENERALIZATIONS ARE FALSE!

    This message brought to you by Hypocrisies R' Us
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    i dont hate pubs... i just have really bad luck in them. i am still looking for a easy going pub with a DECENT amount of vets in it. Clan play is harsh and turns the game into something not as fun so i wander from pub to pub looking for that golden server in the light where the people listen to an extent, and we are all going "GG" (even the losers) at the end of the game.
  • FaT_CaMFaT_CaM Join Date: 2003-04-11 Member: 15394Members
    has been said, I love the unpredictability of pubs and whenver there are clan people on I ask them nicley if they guide me through commanding (so that way they get THEIR strategies in play and dont boot you because they dont like how u do things) but if there arent any clanies on a team i'll usually do a rush of some kind, sometimes underestimate a HA knife rush <!--emo&:D--><img src='' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='biggrin.gif'><!--endemo--> (lvl3 armor recommended) knife and jp is like a lerk flying and biting, and almost as effective (almost because of the dmg difference) but why do i bother sharing strategies, they'd just get cut down by some 1337ist right? <!--emo&???--><img src='' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='confused.gif'><!--endemo-->
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    You all make good points...... however, you forget one thing.
    Llamas. Not well-intentioned ramboes whose gambits dont play off, not bewildered newbies wondering why the dickens that guy over there can fly and he cant, Llamas. People who derive some sickened pleasure from destroying other people's games.

    An example; was playing on <server name removed to protect the innocent.>, playing as a marine. someone I semi-knew was comming, and seemed to have a vague idea of what was going on. The aliens have their second hive building, and almost finished, so he decides to build a turret or two at main base. It may sound silly, but at least its better than spamming mines everywhere and then getting vaporised the second the first fade sees them, right? anyway, needless to say he stopped giving out mines at this point. im standing there building, when someone says "cn i hve sum mins plz com kthx". He then camps outside the CC for about five minutes, patiently waiting for his mines. Stage one of llamaism complete, my friend then explains that mines arent a good idea at this point. This player seems somewhat affronted by this, and then proceeds to stage two of llamaism; the spam.

    'Sanj, lookout beh-'
    'ARGH!' <Sanjiyan was killed by mr. random fade.>

    needless to say, that annoyed me a smidgen. after about five more minutes of this, I take the law into my own hands and tell him to stop spamming. He does, for the small amount of time it takes him to rebind his spam-key to 'ROFL sanj r teh gayz0rz LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!111111111111'. Stage three. Homophobic Personification.

    Anyway, we lost that one, as three minutes later, the llama somehow gained access to a CC. Took us a few minutes to realise our res towers were disappearing and by then he was dropping tfacs on our heads.

    Somehow, dont think I'll be playing there again....
  • StoneburgStoneburg Join Date: 2002-11-11 Member: 8174Members
    Llamas < Admins

    <!--emo&;)--><img src='' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='wink.gif'><!--endemo-->
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    You call that llamaism? Can someone please define llamas for me? I thought llamas referred to those "scopes" who do things like hop in a temporarily vacant comm chair to spam CCs everyhwere, or who build OCs on res nodes. People who join the opposing team when their team starts to lose, etc. etc.

    I feel confuseded now. <img src='' border='0' alt='user posted image'>
  • CaimanCaiman Join Date: 2003-06-01 Member: 16900Members
    A llama is:

    1) a large fish

    2) anyone who intentionally trys to ruin a game. This applies to anything and is not limited to NS.

    Question for you: what does !!1111oneoneoneone mean - is that just exclamation points spelled wrong? like "pwn?"

    Anyway, i also enjoy pubs full of interesting ppl with their own style of playing. I have found that a way of making a game enjoyable (on pubs) is to make a friend(s) of about your age and skill level. Then teamwork happens.
  • StakhanovStakhanov Join Date: 2003-03-12 Member: 14448Members
    Don't forget the selfish people. For each ridiculous cases of players gorging to save for onos , you have hundreds of self-serving lamers who drop themselves a shotgun/HMG.
  • FaT_CaMFaT_CaM Join Date: 2003-04-11 Member: 15394Members
    Well if they're self serving wheres the comm?
  • JammerJammer Join Date: 2002-06-03 Member: 728Members, Constellation
    I only play on CoFR :-)


    1. Skilled Players. If you lose, its usually because of the plan of action, not the skill which with it is done.
    2. Players who listen. Most people will usually listen to others friendly suggestions (Skulk, stay at Maint so they can't build a phase) and Marines do what the commander wants.

    Pub servers have the opposite of that most of the time. Bad skill, bad team players.
  • nsGhostnsGhost Join Date: 2003-07-02 Member: 17865Members, Constellation
    Well bein part of a clan I have my own view as most of the above mentioned views are from players that dont participate in clans. Now I play on pubs all the time, I never ever play on servers with a password. The reason for this is exactly the same reason, it is unpredictable and that unpredictability makes u a better player. So before u flame us clan guys, realise..... We're not all the same
  • RhuadinRhuadin Join Date: 2003-06-05 Member: 17023Members
    CoFR is awesome. <!--emo&:)--><img src='' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='smile.gif'><!--endemo-->

    I was there yesterday -- we were playing ns_eclipse.

    I sorta screwed up comming the first time and didn't have enough base defense, and while we were setting up nodes and gathering res some skulks snuck in and ate the IPs (Interesting, because I didn't see them come in on MT)

    Instead of yelling at me as a noob comm, the marines just let me try again. I employed the same tactics and this time had a bit more base defense, and we won. <!--emo&:)--><img src='' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='smile.gif'><!--endemo--> Thanks to the awesome marines under my command.

    I don't know what most people's problems are with pub servers, but the servers I play on (CoFR, EC, LGSO, Texas[HK], and Freaks Unleashed) Don't seem to have llamas or n00bs on them. The marines and aliens are usually pretty responsive to other people's suggestions.

    To answer your question, '!!!!111oneone' is making fun of when people spam '!'s, sometimes they let go of shift too early and get '1's instead. So we take this and explicitly spell out the one, and sometimes add oen, @, 2, and two in there also. <!--emo&:)--><img src='' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='smile.gif'><!--endemo-->

    Now for a question of my own. What DOES CoFR FR31 stand for? The title is 'CoFR FR31NS' and I always thought FR31NS was some sort of leet speak for 'friends' (think about it) but now I know the NS stands for well... NS. So what's it mean? <!--emo&:)--><img src='' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='smile.gif'><!--endemo-->

  • StoneburgStoneburg Join Date: 2002-11-11 Member: 8174Members
    Glad to hear you had a good time on the server, Rhuadin.

    CoFR stands for Crusty old Fossil Rockers and is a gaming community for mature gamers, it's about 4 years old.

    All our servers are called FRX (where X is a number). Our first server was FR1. FR simply stands for Fossil Rockers. We don't have 31 active servers right now, people pick a number that hasn't/isn't in use and use it. We've had a FR89 I think. Most of the time we have 10-20 active servers, all games included.

    If you want more info on CoFR go to or

    back on topic...

    Seems like we can agree that <b>good </b>pubs are fun and bad pubs are.. not. So the guys talking about how pubs suck probably play on the bad ones, and the positive people on the good ones.
  • kavasakavasa Join Date: 2003-01-05 Member: 11889Members, Constellation
    That ignores what I said, Stone.
    I <i>prefer</i> clan play because it is uniformly good. Even on the best pub server, you will get bad games, and those bad games are <i>awful</i>. To repeat myself, I don't hate pub play, I simply prefer clan play.
  • GeronimoGeronimo Join Date: 2002-12-18 Member: 11056Members
    Id say i prefer public before clangames...simply cause it happens different stuff in public...CWs are basically the same

    I can agree that Tagged players act like morons most of the time, and it s seems that the better you are the more competative and ignorant you become...its to bad it happens to the good players

    (that must mean im either a stupid moron or a worthless player...)
  • CaimanCaiman Join Date: 2003-06-01 Member: 16900Members
    The problem with pubs is the lack of a good commander. See, marines <b>need</b> a good comm. Gorging is much easier than comming and therefore not as big of a problem.

    Usually the match (in pubs) is determined within the first 2 minutes of the game, which kinda sucks knowing that you are probably going to lose.
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