How Do U Run Maps?

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<div class="IPBDescription">MAPING HELp</div> well can u post screenshots or somethign of how u set up the game configuarations and build programs of Valve Hammer?

When i tried to run a map it runs hl but cant find the map


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    There are detailed instruction in the help file. Click on "Welcome To Hammer" on the left, then when the page appears on the right, click on "Setup Guide." This will take you through the process. I've ammended it slightly below to help you get started (by changing the directories). Orange indicates my notes.

    <!--QuoteBegin--></span><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td><b>QUOTE</b> </td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'><!--QuoteEBegin-->Game Configurations
    The Game Configuration options allow you to setup the editor to edit Half-Life and it's mods. A separate configuration is needed for each game or mod.

    If this is a new installation of Hammer, there won't be any game configurations yet. Click Edit, then Add, and enter Half-Life (or whatever Half-Life mod you're setting up the editor for. <span style='color:orange'>So you want to click on "Add", then put in "Natural Selection".</span>).

    For new users, note that you can add more than one game configuration. This is handy if you plan on working on Half-Life levels and Half-Life mod levels.

    Game Data Files
    The game data file contains all of the entity information that will be used to create your maps. Hammer's game data files have the file extension .FGD. It must be present in order for you to create levels.

    Click on the Add button.

    An Open dialog will appear. If it doesn't show the contents of your Hammer folder, browse to it.

    In the FGD folder, browse to and select the game .FGD that you require. Hammer ships with game data files for Half-Life, Team Fortress 1.5, Counter-Strike, and Day of Defeat. <span style='color:orange'>Go to your sierra/half-life/ns directory. Click on the ns.fgd file and OK it.</span>

    You will be taken back to the Options dialog. You will see that <span style='color:orange'>C:\sierra\half-life\ns\ns.fgd </span>(or wherever you've stored the FGD) has been added to the Game Data File list.

    Note: There is a new version of the Half-Life game data file available here. You can unzip it into your Hammer directory and use the same steps as above to add it as your Half-Life game data file. Be sure to remove the previous version of the game data file first.

    Texture Format and Map Type
    The Hammer editor is only capable of creating Half-Life maps. As such, these two options are locked on WAD3 (Half-Life) for the texture format, and Half-Life for the map format.

    Default PointEntity and SolidEntity class
    Select a default point and solid entity here. This controls which entity will appear selected when you go to place an entity. It is only a time-saving device. I recommend using info_player_start <span style='color:orange'>(this is a ready room spawn point) </span>as the default point entity and func_door as the default solid entity.

    Game Executable Directory
    The value here should be the directory where your Half-Life executable is stored. The value should not include hl.exe. For example, C:\Half-Life is correct, but C:\Half-Life\hl.exe is not.

    Mod Directory
    If you are setting up the editor for a mod, the game directory of the mod should go here. For example, if Half-Life is in C:\Half-Life, and you're setting up Hammer for Team Fortress Classic, the Mod Directory value would be C:\Half-Life\tfc. For a normal Half-Life game configuration, the Mod Directory should be set to C:\Half-Life\valve. <span style='color:orange'>You want C:\Half-Life\ns.</span>

    Game Directory
    This value should be the base game directory for Half-Life. Keeping with the above examples, this would be C:\Half-Life\valve.

    Note: The above two settings are required for the search paths for displaying sprites in the 3D view. They allow you to use custom development directories rather than locking you into using the standard Half-Life directories. For the most part, it is likely that you will be using the standard directories.

    RMF Directory
    The value here is the directory where the editor will store your maps. I recommend using the maps folder that gets created in your Hammer directory.

    Note: As a point of trivia, RMF stands for Rich Map Format. It is the Valve Hammer Editor's proprietary map format. Before a map can be compiled, it must be converted from an RMF file to a .MAP file. The editor handles this conversion automatically, but you can also do it manually by selecting Export to MAP from the Files menu.

    Build Programs
    The settings in the Build Programs dialog affect how the editor handles things when you compile your map. If you don't plan on using the editor to compile your maps, then this section is irrelevant and does not need to be filled out.

    Choose which game configuration you are setting up the Build Programs for here. If you've only created a Half-Life game configuration, that's all you'll have access to here.

    Note: If no Configuration is shown, click on the Ok button to return to the editor screen, then select Options from the Tools menu again and click on the Build Programs tab. The Configuration you've previously created should now be listed.

    Game executable
    Specify the game executable here. If you know the path to the Half-Life executable, type in the path and filename here, otherwise, click on the Browse button and browse to the Half-Life directory. Select hl.exe and click the Open button.

    CSG, BSP, VIS, and RAD executable
    This is where you specify the compile tools to be used. The standard tools are, in order, qcsg.exe, qbsp2.exe, vis.exe, and qrad.exe. If you are using Zoner's compile tools, they will be hlcsg.exe, hlbsp.exe, hlvis.exe, and hlrad.exe. By default the tools are stored in the Valve Hammer Editor\tools folder.

    Note: There is another file, lights.rad, in your Valve Hammer Editor\tools directory. It contains information that controls the texture lighting when you compile a Half-Life map. If you move the compile tools to a different directory, you must also move the lights.rad file.

    Place compiled maps in this directory before running the game
    Compiled maps must be placed in a specific directory for Half-Life to recognize their existence. This directory is the Valve\Maps\ directory, located in your Half-Life folder. For example, my Half-Life game directory is D:\games\half-life, so my compiled-maps directory is D:\games\half-life\valve\maps. If no Maps directory exists in the Valve folder, you must create one.

    Note: If you are setting up the editor for mod editing, replace "valve" in the above example with the mod directory. For example, d:\games\half-life\tfc\maps.<!--QuoteEnd--></td></tr></table><span class='postcolor'><!--QuoteEEnd-->
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    yes i tried help in hammer help and i cant seam to run it when i tred to set it up correctly
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    I edited my post - make sure you got all the directories right. You want ns\maps as opposed to valva\maps, remember. And what do you mean by not working properly? You mean it doesn't compile?
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