(fnf)friday Night Fights

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FNF (Friday Night Fights)

Signup thread:

All matches will be played on Friday.
The time will be from 6pm PST - 1am PST.
The exact match time will be decided by both teams and will be reported in the weekly schedule post.

Currently the server is ns1.joe.to

CAL Rules will be used to govern most of the tournament.

All variations from the CAL Rules are listed below.

Points will be awarded based on the outcome of each match, and each match will consist of two (2) 45 minute games. Points will be awarded per game with a total of 7 points possible.

- 3 points for preventing the other team for respawning
- 2 points for having the most built resource towers at the end of 45 minutes
- 1 point for a loss
- Your team will loose 2 points for each game they forfeit. Forfeiting the first game doesn't mean you will forfeit the second.

- 1 point will be awarded to the team that wins the entire match.

To win the match you must have the most points from both games. Should both teams prevent the other from respawning, the team that did it faster will be declared the winner.
Should both teams win a round by total resource towers, the team with the highest total towers will be the winner.

Teams will consist of at least 6 members one of which who will be the captain. All captains will be responsible for the actions of their team, and are responsible for ensureing their team adheres to the rules.

For all matches the default team size is 6, but the matches can be played with 5 or 7 players so long as it was agreed to by both captains before the match starts.

The following maps will be played.

Other Rules
All server rules will be followed.

Any person violating any rules will cause all games in which he violated said rules to be forfeit.

Admin's have the final say on all decisions. Should an admin be uncertain, they will contact me and I will make the final decision.

Rules and times are subject to change.

The rules will be looked over upon the release of 1.1.


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    Precious, I appreciate you getting this up here.

    Allow me to elaborate. I am the organizer of the joe.to Friday Night Fights.

    This league was designed to allow the regulars of the joe.to server to come together and play an organized game for glory and reserved slots on our servers.

    Everyone is more than welcome to join us. Currently each team consists of at least 6 members each with as many subs as you'd like.

    CAL rules are used during the matches which makes this league perfect for any and all CAL Clans who want to play and get a little more practice in, however we're just playing for fun.

    Right now, all matches are played on friday nights, but it's quite possible that it will be extended to saturday as well.

    I would love to have more teams involved.

    For more information you can visit us on the forums... http://forums.joe.to/viewforum.php?f=54
    Or you can get ahold of us in IRC. irc.gamesnet.net #joe.to-FNF
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