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fun fun fun
ok this is something to do just for kicks and only works if everyone fallows the rules

Rules are
let the aliens get all 3 hives
Let the marines make a cool type base (lots of ip and proto lab (for armor upgrades and jp and wep upgrade too cus i think that works on knives)
No turits or ofence chambers

only alowed weapons are
parasite (skulk
web (gorge)
paralize (ones)


all upgrades alowed, no heavy armor alowed, jp are ok (sense marine ahve to get in mele rang anyway

Gorge can use heal spray on other aliens and on structures but not on marines

the only building that can be atacked are rt, upgrade chambers, arms lab, and proto lab.

aleins may use any weapon they chose on building, but if you accedently kill a marine with a non allowed atack you must allow that marine to kill u for free.

oh an no med packs, you could make it imposible to kill a rine if the comm meded him up.
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    Your idea is amusing, but never going to happen confused.gif . Aliens would win HANDS DOWN. 3 Gorges webbing rines would make rines dead SOOO fast. Even if they did have JPs (like you said they have to get in melee range). Plus aliens have a ranged attack, so Skulks could shoot, run, shoot run. With celerity you could not kill.
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    I disagree. No one would win because he doesn't list hives or CC or IPS as being killable. confused.gif
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    Hmmm we had a better idea. Lock the server, turn cheats on. Load tournament mode. Build ips, comm chairs, armories and phase gates around a map.

    Only 1 alien (No fades, or lerk using poo gas), no o chambers, only upgrades
    Everyone else is one marines.
    No attacking hives
    all the upgrades, no HA.
    No turrets or sieges

    Drop a ton of JP's in base.

    One person goes comm and randomly drops an hmg somewhere in the map. Comm cannot go after hmg until someone picks it up. Everyone else with ONLY lmgs, must get the hmg. No health packs or welders. If the HMG disappears nearest person to a commchair must drop a new one somewhere, same comm rules apply to this person.

    It gets fun when you play on a map like ns_euorpa with Onos
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    I don't follow, explain it real slow. (I'm quite the [email protected]$$)
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    Its an onos hunt, aliums get one onos, rines go chaise him down with lmg, and jp, there is one hmg hidin in the map.

    i think you might want to cut it to only one or 2 hidin jp as well, cus onos has no way of fightin a jp (if you para them they cant boost, but they could just hide at a high place)

    oh and on mine, webs arnt unbalancing cus rines can use weilders, and a gorge would have to work in tandam with a skulk to kill a rine (para is the only damage dealing atack alowed the aliens)
    the jp does let you catch celeity skulks
    i managed to talk peeps into doing this a wile ago, only rule change is you should try not to fight round the hive and keep d chambers at hive locations (cus the healing efect from the hive and d chambers is way unbalanced with only knife and weildin)
    med packs now only alowed when no skulks are around.
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