Adminmod Win32 And 1.4?

snake_docsnake_doc Join Date: 2003-04-18 Member: 15610Members
<div class="IPBDescription">Crash anyone?</div> Plays on for about say..1 hour then the server crashes out with fatal errors bla bla.
Restarts with a progie i have on the win32 machine.
Runing latest adminmod , latest NS version.
It just dont like my win32 machine and ns...........admin mod dont that is!


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    Any other addons? Could it be in the FAQ posted about adminmod?

    If you can't figure it out maybe you should give AMXmod a try.
  • snake_docsnake_doc Join Date: 2003-04-18 Member: 15610Members
    Well im using Metamod with the
    Lerklift addon
    Gorge health spray addon
    and the unstuck addon

    Trick is if you dont have adminmod runing life is just FINE and dandy.
    She will cruse on for days without a crash but soon as I installed adminmod It will crash after one of three things happen
    1) player connects to server (after it has been in a match for a while and everyone else is having fun)
    2) player disconnects from server (same as above .........after its been runing for a while on a map)
    3) if your wanting to have a bit of fun and everyone else is wanting to have fun you do a sv_cheats 1 and just run rampid. after a few of this crash city also.

    The player connect disconnect may not happen each and every time of theese may happen this time..........may not happen. its random crashes when peps connect, disconnect
    There is the low down.

    If there was just something that would display something like as in adminmods admin_csay ..........every 5 minutes about some web site info and what have ya I would use it instead of adminmod.
    As is i just killed NS all together and going to fire it off from scratch again without adminmod.
    Anyone know of a metamod plugin which will do a center screen say which is timed to say "what ever text" at pre set intervals?

    Thanks guys.
    Oh one more thing.
    I have found on a 3mbit SDSL line (which I have from sprint) I can cram 24 players in on the machine and have no lag at all to none of them.
    Also the machine (duel Amd mp 2200+ ) seems to run about 90% cpu load with 24 players runing full out with a load of entities.
  • snake_docsnake_doc Join Date: 2003-04-18 Member: 15610Members
    Just ignore this whole post ...
    I gave up using adminmod due to every config change I made .............did not work.
    Now using clanmod with about 90% up time now (the occasional crash now cause by bots fliping out the server etc....) but life is much better with clanmod
    now were down to about 2 crashes per day (24hr period) and those are caused by the bots.
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