Ogl Ns League

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Is Now Open
The Half-Life Natural-Selection ladder is now open for the Online Gaming League (OGL). Minimum number of players per team/clan is 6.

Go sign up and get ready for a playtest to help refine the rules. The purpose of the playtest is to ensure our rules are best for this mod.

OGL NS League Ladder


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    question!!! is OGL euro leauge or amerikan becus i use to play CAL and OGL in counter strike and it was amerikan just thinking of all the euro clans so we know a little more smile.gif
    DIE!!!! and stop wasteing my bullets..........
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    OK My question is. In OGl League you have 1 team with 6 people on it for all 3 matches right.

    Our fearless leader made two list 1 for marines and 1 for alines to play in matches.
    Tell me he can't do this. So that would be 12 total different people on one team. wow.gifwow.gifwow.gif
    KILLER GORG......
    NS. Clan -={DG]=-
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